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CREDIT: Oliver Van Zwanenberg

Supporting our Students

Photography education extends into Science too!

I have been enjoying some of the creative work of photography students in the new look RPS Journal. But there is another group we should not neglect - those whose studies take them into the Science of Photography. An example of this dropped into my inbox this morning.

I have been following the work of University of Westminster student Oliver van Zwanenberg for some time. I had seen him present at conferences in London and San Francisco. Now, thanks again to the support of the RPS Imaging Science Group we all have another opportunity.

Like the RPS on-line offerings the Society for Imaging Science & Technology (IS&T) was taken to web based seminars. I should make plain my interest in IS&T - a few years ago I was their President too. They are supporting science based imaging students in their career path - come and join me in supporting these students on their journey. Oliver is presenting on the 12th August.