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Portrait Of Two Boys By William Edward Kilburn,
CREDIT: Robert B. Menschel and the Vital Projects Fund, National Gallery of Art Washington DC

3D imaging and then


Back in the USA again, this time San Francisco for the Electronic Imaging conference. I am here mainly for the smartphone imaging content but there is a lot on 3D imaging and holography too. I used to work in silver halide holography and now do 3D imaging so lots to see here.

The last time I was over here I was in Washington DC. On that visit I went to see a photographic exhibition By the light of the silvery moon. Similar in content to our Space Steps and the work of Robert Gendler shown at the 2019 Awards evening.

On show were a number of stereoscopic glass plate transparencies producing 3D perception in a stereo viewer. The stereoscopic images started in the 1860s with the lunar photography of Warren De la Rue, from the security print family. They finished with some of the Apollo stereoscopic views. Then and now in full stereoscopic glory.

To add icing to the cake in a gallery opposite was a stereoscopic daguerreotype with hand applied colour by William Edward Kilburn, Photographer to Queen Victoria.

Looking forward to more stunning 3D images this week.