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CREDIT: Fern Nuttall ARPS

Analogue Group Exhibition and Journal

This week brings members of the Analogue group the latest issue of the Analogue journal and a final chance to submit your analogue photography to the group’s exhibition taking place this September.


Analogue Members’ Exhibition

This September will see the Analogue group’s exhibition of members’ work, held at the Core Theatre in Solihull. Members are encouraged to submit their prints before the end of this month to the group secretary for inclusion in the show, with the three most outstanding entries awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze. Entries are free, with framing and hanging costs also covered, all you have to do is send in no more than three mounted prints, which either originated on, or were printed via, analogue means, suitable for 50cm x 40cm frames. Your exhibited work will also feature in the exhibition catalogue.

The exhibition will run for two weeks from Thursday 23rd September to Friday 8th October at the Core Theatre 9am-6pm every Monday to Saturday (the gallery is ground floor accessible). 

Read all information and instructions about this exhibition in the June Analogue newsletter in your email inbox, or find out more from the group secretary. You can download your entry form right here.


New Analogue Journal Issue

This week, members are receiving their physical copy of the next issue of the Analogue journal. This season’s issue explores large format photography and is packed with content including a large format edition of the ‘Spotlight’ feature, a review of the Intrepid 10x8, a ‘How To’ in developing large format film, Stearman Press SP445 Developing Tank review, a 10x8 exploration of New York and a selection of helpful apps for large format photography. You will also find photography books reviews, members’ photographs, an analysis of Second Pass Lith printing, a look at the English-language German analogue magazine SilvergrainClassics and a discount code for Analogue Wonderland, who stock over 200 films. I have also taken the opportunity to put a call out in this issue, encouraging Analogue members to send me their analogue photographs for feature on the microsite (no less than 1000 pixels wide, with your name and any RPS distinctions). 

The microsite’s Analogue journal page has been updated with a link to a digital copy of the latest issue for anybody who wishes to browse the journal digitally. You can view previous issues on the same page, here. 


Remember to regularly check out the Analogue group ‘events’ page to keep up-to-date with upcoming workshops, meetings and opportunities, and don't forget, you can receive more content about analogue photography on the RPS Analogue microsite or via the Analogue Group’s Facebook page or Instagram page.