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A Learning Experience

by Bruce Deacon LRPS

Bruce, have you always been a keen photographer?

"It would be no exaggeration to say that I have had a keen interest in photography for well over 50 years, starting in my makeshift darkroom set up in the bedroom.

Although my photography waned for a few years while I was at college, it soon took off again especially when I bought my first digital camera, a Canon 50D."

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Have you also been an RPS member for many years?

"No, I joined in October 2017.  Looking back, I suppose I was somewhat anti RPS Distinctions.

This was probably my own naivety as I hadn’t really understood what the aim of the distinction process was and what I would get out of it."

What changed your mind?

"Curiosity really.  I decided to investigate and having carefully read the LRPS guidelines I went along to an Advisory Day as a spectator.

Enthused by what I heard and saw, I sorted through a number of prints which I felt would meet the brief of an LRPS panel."

Where did you go from there?

"I initially put my selected images before two colleagues who had already gained their LRPS and who were willing to give me their honest opinions."


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Don’t be disillusioned if at first you don’t succeed, take on board the advice you are given and try again

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CREDIT: Bruce Deacon LRPS
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Did this informal advice help you along the way?

"Yes, although my images demonstrated a good range of camera techniques, there were a number of processing flaws which I hadn’t appreciated.

With help and guidance I was able to develop my processing skills to the point where I was confident and ready to attend a couple of Advisory Days."

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CREDIT: Bruce Deacon LRPS
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How important were the Advisory Days to your success?

"Listening to the advisors and acting on their advice was paramount and, although there may have been some differences of opinion, I came away confident that I was ready to prepare my final panel of ten images.

The day of my Assessment arrived and I was delighted to be awarded my LRPS."


What advice would you pass on to others?

"From my own experience, my advice would be to firstly read the RPS Guidance on what your panel is expected to demonstrate.

Attend an Advisory Day as a spectator and once you feel confident that you have images that meet the requirements of the guidance and are technically spot on, submit your panel to an Advisory Day."   

(Advisory Days are continuing and can be attended virtually via Zoom see below)

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The LRPS journey is well worth the effort and I certainly found that it improved all aspects of my photography

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Since Bruce gained his LRPS, distinction advice and assessment have moved online.  Here are some useful links to get you started on your LRPS journey...

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