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Queensferry Crossing By Viv Cotton
CREDIT: Viv Cotton

RPS Landscape Group Monthly Competition December 2021

An online monthly Photography competition for RPS Landscape Group Members.

Winners Announcement

Members submitted another stunning collection of images to the Landscape Group competition during December 2021.


1st Place

Queensferry Crossing By Viv Cotton

I had an appointment for lunch with friends at a restaurant on the south shore of the Firth of Forth near the Forth Bridge. A thick bank of fog had settled over the water, so I had taken my photo gear thinking I might capture something “foggy” along the water’s edge before lunch. Unfortunately, it was a total pea-soup, to the extent that I couldn’t even see the road and rail bridges! After an excellent lunch, I drove up and out of South Queensferry and simultaneously up and out of the bank of fog.  As it had become clear, I decided to stop and take a few shots of the Queensferry Crossing with the solid white fog bank visible just below it. Jumping back into to the car and heading home, I noticed that the colour in the sky seemed to be getting better and better as the sun got lower. So, I looped back, and headed to the exact same location to take a few more photos. I am so glad that I did, as the colour in the sky had intensified significantly and the fog had started to dissipate making the scene more atmospheric. With dusk falling, cars were coming over the bridge with their lights on and it seemed natural to create light trails, so camera settings were selected to produce a long exposure.  It amazes me when I look at the pics I took that afternoon just how much the light and conditions changed in a relatively short time. I was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time and I’m honoured to have won this month’s competition.  

Technical Details – Canon EOS 5D Mk III, 70-200mm lens with a 1.4 convertor, f45, 10 sec, ISO 50. 

View more of Viv's photography on her website:

Comments made by RPS Landscape Members when voting for Viv's image

  • I love the way the enormity of the ‘Queens ferry crossing’ bridge stands tall over the misty land and water below dominating the skyline with the bridge leading through and over.

  • I love the tonal range, the way bridge leads you through the picture.

  • I like the composition, the shape of the bridge and the mood created in this image. 

  • Composition perfect - love the way the structure has been captured and is in focus.A well planned image. I can imagine waiting months for these conditions.



2nd Place

A View to Nowhere by John McDowall

View more of John's photography on instagram @john_mcdowall photography, Facebook John McDowall and Twitter @jwmcdowall

Comments made by RPS Landscape Members when voting for John's image

  • I love the minimalism of this image with it's simple tones of blue in the beach huts.  The exposure is perfect as it has smoothed out the water movement but has left some detail in it. I also like that there is no demarcation between the sea and the sky so there is no distracting horizon line

  • I liked the simplicity and the softness

  • The overblown sky that removes the details of the clouds. The use of a long exposure to smooth out and soften the water. The muted colours of the huts hinting at the hues of sky, water and earth, in a simple geometric line. These separate elements could easily be the main subject in their own right in any image. Here they are wonderfully joined in a symphony of serenity. 

  • A well seen, processed and presented picture.  The muted colours work exceptionally well.



3rd Place

Gasadalur By Esther Serrano

See more of Esther's photography on her website and Instagram estherserranoart  

Comments made by RPS Landscape Members when voting for Esther's image

  • A beautifully balanced composition. The rising sun and the waterfall are the two features which draw the eye and are perfectly placed.

  • Well balanced image, the waterfall draws my eye into the picture beautifully and beyond to the settlement above.



How the competition works

  • Landscape Members email their image.
  • Images are displayed on RPS Landscape group’s website.
  • On the 23rd-28th of each month, Members are sent a link to a voting form and invited to vote for their favourite 3 images.
  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are announced on the 1st of the month and can be seen on the Landscape Group competition web page.
  • The Prize in 2022 is Robert Harvey's book in hard cover, Britain's Best Landscapes and How to Photograph Them.

Full instructions can be found on the RPS Landscape Group website.

Look out on the RPS Landscape Group Facebook page for updates.



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