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Traigh Scarasta By Steve Ball
CREDIT: Steve Ball

RPS Landscape Group Monthly Competition April 2022

An online monthly Photography competition for RPS Landscape Group Members.

Winners Announcement

Landscape Group Members submitted another stunning collection of images to the Landscape Group competition during April 2022.


1st Place

Traigh Scarasta by Steve Ball

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the Isle of Harris and often difficult to know which way to point the camera as opportunities present themselves in every direction.  Walking onto this deserted beach I thought about what I wanted to say with the image I was creating.  I wanted to capture the raw nature of the landscape, the weather, the crashing waves, the distant hills shrouded in cloud, and the stunning pastel colours of sea, land and sky.  I hoped that I could create something that gives the viewer a real sense of the atmosphere, the power and the sounds that I experienced at that time.  I found my composition and left the camera in the same place as I took a number of images, trying to capture the perfect moment when the waves were retreating back down the beach.Camera and lens: Nikon Z7II, Nikkor Z f/2.8 VR S 70-200mm.  Exposure: f/14, ISO 64, 3.0 seconds

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Comments made by RPS Landscape Members when voting for Steve's image

  • Lovely fresh image of the real beach there. I can just feel the wind and spray, with the North Harris hills behind. And just look at those colours.

  • Lovely long exposure and composition; very atmospheric. 

  • This really captures the atmosphere of the scene.  Absolutely perfect!

  • I am impressed with the way the light and composition has been handled in this image. The colours are pleasing and the ocean evokes a sense of mystery.

  • Great atmospheric capture with an impressionistic feel.

  • Really like how the sand blends into the sea which blends into the hills



2nd Place

Sunset, Eigg by Janet Lowe LRPS


Comments made by RPS Landscape Members when voting for Janet's image

  • Clean, simple and sharp.

  • Simple but most effective.

  • A brilliant composition - shoreline, water, distant mountains and a very dramatic sky - in which the author has got each element working with the others in a complementary way.



3rd Place

Little Langdale by Peter Milton LRPS

Comments made by RPS Landscape Members when voting for Peter's image

  • A classic, perfectly done. Beautiful soft sunlight with grey clouds. 
  • I enjoy the classic composition with a curving leading line taking the eye from the small tarn in the foreground, and with rich detail to explore beyond. The two people on the path lend scale and I find myself wanting to spend time with the image.



How the competition works

  • Landscape Members email their image.
  • Images are displayed on RPS Landscape group’s website.
  • On the 23rd-28th of each month, Members are sent a link to a voting form and invited to vote for their favourite 3 images.
  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are announced on the 1st of the month and can be seen on the Landscape Group competition web page.
  • The Prize in 2022 is Robert Harvey's book in hard cover, Britain's Best Landscapes and How to Photograph Them.

Full instructions can be found on the RPS Landscape Group website.

Look out on the RPS Landscape Group Facebook page for updates.



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