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Autumnal Hue 11 By Mohammed Arfan Asif FRPS
CREDIT: Mohammed Arfan Asif FRPS

RPS Landscape Group Monthly Competition January 2022

An online monthly Photography competition for RPS Landscape Group Members.

Winners Announcement

Members submitted another stunning collection of images to the Landscape Group competition during January 2022.


1st Place

Autumnal Hue 11 By Mohammed Arfan Asif FRPS

An isolated tree or a group of them are beautiful subjects for landscape photography. The well preserved agricultural fields some of which are UNESCO World heritage sites like in Tuscany are popular locations. During autumn they have a unique and fascinating hue as most areas are experiencing the harvest season. The browns of the earth and greens of the durum wheat present an mesmerising mosaic of spaces with alternating and repeated patterns for the discerning photo artist. It is important that these rural regions are supported adequately to achieve sustainable development. Interestingly, these terrains have been nurtured and maintained for a long time. Therefore, the distinctive aesthetics have inspired many artists for centuries. What is seen is not raw nature but an intimate relationship of man with nature. I cherish my memorable journeys in Italy, France, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and the less popular Czech Republic where Autumnal Hue 11 was taken. I strongly believe that the conservation of such agricultural heritage sites should be considered important as architectural and archeological locations. The early morning light at this place was beautiful and the shades soothing to the eye. 
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Comments made by RPS Landscape Members when voting for Arfan's image

  • Good use of shapes and colour in the landscape.

  • Gorgeous colours very well caught and rendered.

  • Stunning composition and gorgeous light.

  • Nice tones and composition.

  • I really like the simplistic of the bands of colour in this image.

  • I submitted Autumn Hue as first place because of the colour aspect and the framing of the subject.


2nd Place

Incoming Tide, Eigg By Mairi Macaulay LRPS

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Comments made by RPS Landscape Members when voting for Mairi's image

  • A wonderfully atmospheric image capturing the light and mood perfectly.

  • I like the composition and the way the long exposure highlights between the fixed (land & stones) versus the moving (tide and clouds). For me having the foreground in focus is good.  

  • Beautifully calm scene with great foreground interest.

  • Lovely moody picture with clever use of slow shutter speed to create lead- in lines with the tide  flow . Particularly like the detail on the circular rock in the foreground . Great use of light to create atmosphere . Overall a masterful composition of these iconic hills.

  • Love the composition and the light!


3rd Place

St Thomas Abecket Church by Steven Finch




How the competition works

  • Landscape Members email their image.
  • Images are displayed on RPS Landscape group’s website.
  • On the 23rd-28th of each month, Members are sent a link to a voting form and invited to vote for their favourite 3 images.
  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are announced on the 1st of the month and can be seen on the Landscape Group competition web page.
  • The Prize in 2022 is Robert Harvey's book in hard cover, Britain's Best Landscapes and How to Photograph Them.

Full instructions can be found on the RPS Landscape Group website.

Look out on the RPS Landscape Group Facebook page for updates.



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