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Here Comes The Storm By Steve Gledhill
CREDIT: Steve Gledhill

RPS Landscape Group Monthly Competition July 2022

An online monthly Photography competition for RPS Landscape Group Members.

Winners Announcement

Landscape Group Members submitted another stunning collection of images to the Landscape Group competition during July 2022.


1st Place

Here Comes the Storm by Stephen Gledhill

“Here Comes The Storm” could have so easily been missed.  In 2016, my wife and I were at the end of a very successful photography week in Yellowstone NP and The Tetons with our group of American photography friends.  We were taking a short break at an art gallery just to the north of Jackson Hole when one of our number yelled “look out the window”.  There was a rush outside to get our cameras from the cars and over the course of only a few minutes the storm developed and then quickly petered out.  Not all great photos are the result of careful planning! A great shot can crop up anytime and anywhere.  "Be Prepared" is the motto - even if it's your iPhone!  The car park was the perfect location.
Sony A7II - 24-70mm at - 34mm - 1/1000s - f8 - ISO100
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Comments made by RPS Landscape Members when voting for Stephen's image

  • Wonderful image of the power of nature.  Dramatic clouds with lashings of rain - very evocative and well composed.

  • Despite the drama 'Here comes the storm' retains a naturalness of colour and detail.

  • A very moody picture and I love the face you can see in the darker cloud.

  • I liked the composition showing the storm cloud, one of them right place, right time moments.

  • Right place; right time. Great feeling power in the storm.

  • The scale of the approaching deluge is captured wonderfully and I would have loved to have shared the experience. 




2nd Place

Derwentwater Dawn by Malcolm Blenkey ARPS


Comments made by RPS Landscape Members when voting for David's image

  • A beautifully calm image. I love the quiet reflections and the way that the island mirrors the shape of the files in the background.

  • I like the calm water and the muted tones.

  • I love the pastel colours, a calm, serene scene.

  • Excellent composition, light and reflections make this an outstanding image. Very pleasing to the eye and a well made photograph all round.

  • Beautiful early morning light, leading line from the left to the island in the middle ground and distant mountains. 

  • Super composition and reflection.

  • Beautiful delicate lightness and colour in the sky and lake.

  • Wonderful light, good composition with the leading line of the fence and the positioning of the foreground rocks and the boats.

  • Such a familiar image but so well captured. The eyes are led to the island from the autumn colours in the reflections, and then up to Cat Bells and back again.

  • Beautiful landscape with fine taste for composition. I like the leading line to the focal point; beautiful color palette, with the subtle hues surrounding the saturated ones. I like the stillness of water captured with good photographic skills. But I don’t like the inclusion of those two rocks in the foreground. A slight crop at the base would help avoid the bisection of the frame on the horizontal. Still very aesthetic and a pleasure to look at. This image for me was the most outstanding one, though the others too were a pleasure to look at. 


3rd Place

The Curl by Lindsay Southgate

Comments made by RPS Landscape Members when voting for Lindsay's image

  • Ethereal beauty

  • The Curl It is such an evocative image - giving a sense of the wave rather than a static representation 



How the competition works

  • Landscape Members email their image.
  • Images are displayed on RPS Landscape group’s website.
  • On the 23rd-28th of each month, Members are sent a link to a voting form and invited to vote for their favourite 3 images.
  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are announced on the 1st of the month and can be seen on the Landscape Group competition web page.
  • The Prize is a copy of Robert Harvey's book in hard cover, Britain's Best Landscapes and How to Photograph Them.

Full instructions can be found on the RPS Landscape Group website.

Look out on the RPS Landscape Group Facebook page for updates.



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