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Gerd Guenther Bass Guitar String light micrograph
CREDIT: Gerd-A Günther

Science Photographer of the Year

Winners Announced
Sue Flood FRPS

2020 Winners Announced

We’re excited to announce the winners of the Science Photographer of the Year 2020, which are now showcased in an online exhibition headlining Manchester Science Festival.

View the online exhibition
0292 Orthophoto Of SS Thistlegorm By Simon Brown
CREDIT: Simon Brown

Science Photographer of the Year

The Science Photographer of the Year competition celebrates the remarkable stories behind scientific exploration and application, depicting its impact on our everyday lives and illustrating how photography helps record and explain global issues and scientific events. The competition is open to anyone, no matter their age, scientific knowledge or photographic experience. 

While entry to the competition is currently closed, explore this year's entries, and our collection of inspiring resources.

Learn more about the 2020 selected photographers below.

Any questions? Contact us at

2020 Winners
Spherical Aberration By Richard Germain
CREDIT: Richard Germain

Interviews with past entrants

Listen to winners and entrants from previous competitions to discover the inspiration behind their images, why they entered and what having their work selected means to them.

Strawberry By Marta Garcia
CREDIT: Marta Garcia

Ideas for Young Photographers

Step by step guide on how young photographers can create beautiful images with everyday materials. Please do try this at home - but with supervision of course! 

Four Candles By Andrew Davidhazy
CREDIT: Prof. Andrew Davidhazy

Teaching resources

These resources were designed in partnership with Photopedagogy for teachers and students at secondary level.  However they can be adapted to other age groups and work as inspiration for anyone wanting to start their own project.

Read more
Eleanor Ryder Marine Microplastic Polllution Eyeliner
CREDIT: Eleanor Ryder

Manchester Science Festival

Manchester Science Festival will take place from Friday 12 – Sunday 21 February 2021. Produced by the Science and Industry Museum, part of the Science Museum Group, it is a highlight of the city’s cultural calendar and one of the most popular science festivals in the UK.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Festival has moved most of its activities online. This includes the Science Photographer of the Year exhibition, which may now be seen in an online galley. Please click on the link below to see the images from the 2020 competition.

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