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Science Photographer of the Year Exhibition 2020

Since its invention, people have used photography to perform, record and communicate science. This is more important than ever as we face the challenges of climate change.

These photographs explore the science that underpins our world. They show the terrible effects of climate change and how we are working to reverse them. 

0579 Kilometres To Where By Ann Petruckevitch
CREDIT: Ann Petruckevitch

Causes and Effects

From factories to farming, planes to power stations, for hundreds of years human activity has been changing Earth’s climate. People and animals are now suffering the effects across the world.

Some places no longer get enough rain and are becoming dry and barren. Others are suffering from flooding. As the polar ice caps and glaciers heat and melt, other parts of the world are getting colder.

Our modern way of living has caused the damage. Now the effects are being felt all over the world. The photographs bring the causes and effects together.

0922 Citizen Scientist With A Secchi Disc By Dr Richard R Kirby
CREDIT: Dr Richard R Kirby

Understanding our World

Science helps us to understand our world, from the basic building blocks to the bigger picture.

To tackle climate change, we first have to know why it is happening and how possible solutions might work.

Photography is an important part of the scientific process. It can be used to perform experiments and document observations. Photographs are crucial to communicating the process and results so others can understand it too.

Spreading scientific ideas is vital if we are to understand and combat climate change.

0286 Turbine Tranquility By Malcolm Journeaux ARPS
CREDIT: Malcolm Journeaux ARPS

Hope for the Future

We need to act now to limit the damage to our planet and its climate.

Science has taken up the challenge with innovative approaches. We can now turn wind and sunlight into power instead of burning coal, oil and gas.

Scientists are exploring ways to reduce our impact by planting trees to capture carbon dioxide. They are working to help us live on our damaged planet through flood defences and weather warning systems.

Understanding the science has enabled us to call for change and hold governments and companies to account. But we can make a difference as individuals too.