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Element Of Civilisation By Ananda Theerhan
CREDIT: Ananda Theerhan

Ideas on Climate Change

The new category 'Climate Change' was introduced to address the current climate emergency, using the power of photography to highlight its effects on all aspects of our natural and built world.

Raising awareness closer to home is crucial and young entrants are encouraged to get creative with this category. How can you capture ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle, both within your home and in the local community?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Think about how to reduce the use of vehicles in general. This could include capturing car-free neighbourhoods, the use of electric or hybrid vehicles over petrol and diesel, car recharging points, low emission zones, public transport such as buses and trains, car-sharing, walking or cycling instead of driving.


Think about plant-based diets, reducing food waste, low-plastic packaging, composting and recycling. Do you or any of your family have any sustainable way to produce your own food, perhaps in your garden, a vegetable patch, allotment or even a window box?

Domestic issues

It is important to reduce our consumption of plastics and energy. Do you have any energy-efficient appliances, do you use cooler washing cycles or hang clothes out to dry instead of using a tumble dryer? Think about recycling to reduce energy consumption (e.g. aluminium) or to reduce use of resources (e.g. plastics). How much energy and how many electrical appliances do you use at home?


Consider the use of renewable energy generation such as wind, solar, heat exchangers and the better use of insulation.

Local environment

Think about your local environment - for example is there any tree planting in nearby forests, in open land or in urban green spaces? Perhaps you can look at landfill reduction and methane capture.

Local community

Are there any initiatives in your hometown to help reduce climate change?