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Please note: RPS House is closed for our exhibition install. We will be open again from 10am on Friday 9th August 2024.

Daniela Rapava Frozen Bubble
CREDIT: Daniela Rapava

What are we looking for?

What do we mean by...?

We take a quite broad interpretation of terms like 'science' and 'climate change'

What kind of pictures do you want?

We are looking for images that are visually captivating, yet have a good science story behind them. The pictures should appeal to the widest possible audience, and make them want to find out more about what they are seeing

How do you define science?

We’re interested in showing science in broadest sense, whether that’s using specialist imaging techniques, how science is used in industry or in the home, or scientists themselves and the buildings and equipment they use. If you’re in school or college then even some of the science experiments you do in the lab would count.

How might I show climate change?

Climate change can manifest itself in many different ways through its impact on the natural and built environment. Although it’s not always possible to relate these directly to climate change, you might want to think about extreme weather such as drought or floods, wind damage, or the loss of glaciers in mountains or ice cover in Antarctica. Some of these may also have secondary impacts on wildlife and mankind.

Are there any science or climate change images that you wouldn’t want to see?

There are other competitions for wildlife and natural history, and medical images, so we would normally only select these when they show something more directly related to science than simply animals or plants, or medical procedures.