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Panel Members

2022 - 2023



Please note: All RPS panel members are volunteers, and we must respect their privacy. Please do not contact panel members directly under any circumstances. This also helps protect your submission from any suggestion of undue influence. Any correspondence must be sent directly to the Distinctions department ( Failing to comply could result in your application being withdrawn. 

Benedict Brain ARPS



Dr. Hazel Frost FRPS

Hazel is a Doctor currently working on the front line of the NHS

John R Simpson ARPS


Steve Boyle ARPS
Ken Holland FRPS
David Jordan FRPS
Viveca Koh FRPS
Michael O'Sullivan FRPS
Nigel Plant ARPS
Stewart Wall ARPS
Stewart Wall ARPS
Ian Wilson ARPS
Linda Wevill FRPS
Janey Devine FRPS
Bhupinder Ghatahora ARPS
Carol McNiven Young FRPS
Richard Hall FRPS