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RPS Scotland YouTube Video Notes at bottom of page.

Dunure castle

Dunure Field Trip South West District 9th October 2022

On the 9th of October fifteen brave (foolhardy?) RPS Scotland members converged on the tiny fishing
village of Dunure just south of Ayr for the second South West district field trip of the year. I say brave
because the weather that week had been pretty miserable and as we headed towards Sunday the
forecast was getting progressively worse.............!

Dunure Report
Slinky & Target
CREDIT: Keith Thorburn LRPS

Working with Pine Martens and Remote Camera Triggers

Getting closer to the Wildlife without getting in their way!

Pine Martens by Keith Thorburn LRPS
Main Group 2

Scrolls: A Different Sort of Panorama

Scrolls: A Different Sort of Panorama
Image 1
CREDIT: Andrew Flannigan LRPS

Scotland's Churches by Andrew Flannigan LRPS

A brief resume of Andrew's favourite Scottish Churches.

Scotland's Churches
Icy Coral
CREDIT: Barbara Bogacka ARPS

Treasures Hidden in Ice

Images from the Vatnajökull caves, Iceland

Treasures Hidden in Ice

RPS Scotland now has a private YouTube presence which allows visitors to this page to select a link to a video of their choice. Submitters should ideally present their portfolio of work in the MP4 file format. If this is not possible, you can choose to send it in as a Microsoft PowerPoint file (pptx) where I will convert it to mp4.

Failling that, you can send, via Dropbox or WeTransfer, your selection of images. Please make it a sensible length of at least sixty+ images to aid in the production of a worthwhile video. Title and end pages will enhance your final video along with your choice of music and distinctions (YouTube have a library of copyright free music), unless you choose from there, I will on you behalf.

If you want an idea of what can be achieved, follow the link to Stewart Dodd's presentation. he is able to show the breadth of what can be accomplished with a little effort.