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Belhaven Bridge - Margaret Campbell ARPS
CREDIT: Margaret Campbell ARPS

Regional Volunteers & Committee

Committee and Volunteers

The Big Freeze by Roger Hinton LRPS

The Scottish Region covers probably the largest region in the United Kingdom and is run by a team of volunteers.

Should you wish to contribute and help within the Region, please contact David Ferguson LRPS by email



John R Simpson ARPS (Licentiate panel - chair)

Trevor Yerbury FRPS (Applied and Portraiture panel - chair)

Paul Walker FRPS (Applied and Portraiture panel)

James Frost FRPS (Documentary panel)

Mick Durham FRPS  (Natural History panel - chair)

Karen Berry FRPS (Natural History panel)

Moira Gardner FRPS (Natural History panel)

Hazel Frost FRPS (Travel panel - chair;Licentiate panel - chair)

Faye Yerbury FRPS (Visual Art panel)

Roy Robertson Hon FRPS

Douglas May FRPS




Shetland - Colin Smith LRPS

Northern - Dave Shillabeer ARPS

Grampian - Nigel Corby FRPS

Fife - Monica Vella

Fife - Mark Reeves FRPS

Fife - Ken Goodfellow LRPS

Kinross - Robin Millar

Borders - Fiona Cadger ARPS

Peeblesshire - Colin McLean LRPS

Central - Bob Black

South West - Jean Robson FRPS

Ayrshire -Clive Watkins LRPS

Glasgow - Anne McKelvie

Lanarkshire - Douglas Thompson FRPS

Any of the above Reps can be contacted through either or

Image - The Big Freeze by Roger Hinton LRPS