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Belhaven Bridge - Margaret Campbell ARPS
CREDIT: Margaret Campbell ARPS

Regional Volunteers & Committee

Committee and Volunteers

Elgol by Andrew Flannigan ARPS
CREDIT: Andrew Flannigan ARPS

Elgol by A. Flannigan ARPS

The Scottish Region covers probably the largest region in the United Kingdom and is run by a team of volunteers.

Should you wish to contribute and help within the Region, please contact James Frost by email

Regional Organiser  -  James Frost FRPS

Secretary                 -  Steven Whittaker ARPS

Treasurer                 -  Cameron Leask LRPS

Webmaster              -  Kenneth Ness ARPS

David Ferguson LRPS    (Committee)

John R Simpson ARPS (Licentiate panel - chair)

Trevor Yerbury FRPS ((Applied and Portraiture panel - chair)

Paul Walker FRPS (Applied and Portraiture panel)

James Frost FRPS (Documentary panel)

Mick Durham FRPS  (Natural History panel - chair)

Karen Berry FRPS (Natural History panel)

Moira Gardner FRPS (Natural History panel)

Hazel Frost FRPS (Travel panel - chair;Licentiate panel - chair)

Faye Yerbury FRPS (Visual Art panel)

Roy Robertson Hon FRPS

Peter Paterson FRPS

Douglas May FRPS

Fiona Cadger ARPS (Borders)

Robert Black (Central)

Doug Berndt ARPS (Edinburgh)

William George LRPS (Fife)

Dave Shillabeer ARPS (Highlands)

Morton Gillespie ARPS  (Highlands)

Image - Elgol by Andrew Flannigan ARPS