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Quarantine Haircut #2 by Bernadett (25)
CREDIT: Quarantine Haircut #2, Bernadett (25)

Covid-19 Archive

An evolving record of the coronavirus pandemic as told by our members, staff, interviewees and the RPS Journal

RPS Journal features

Serena does Chloe's hair, sat at the window
CREDIT: Julia Fullerton-Batten
Lives in lockdown revealed
Julia Fullerton-Batten FRPS

When the UK went into lockdown, Julia asked people in her west London neighbourhood whether she could photograph them.

Autoire, a small village in the Lot, a department in south-western France. Charlie Waite FRPS
CREDIT: Charlie Waite FRPS
Three places missed during the pandemic
Charlie Waite

Waite, who has been photographing landscapes for almost 40 years, has missed spending time in the locations he loves.

CREDIT: Kyle Tallett FRPS
Diary of a Pandemic
Kyle Tallett FRPS

As a superintendent radiographer working during the Covid-19 pandemic, Kyle Tallett FRPS has found himself on the frontline and decided to photograph his colleagues as they helped diagnose case after case of the virus.

Blowing Off Steam CG
CREDIT: Popescu Cezar Gabriel
Seafarers make waves on their visual voyages
Exhibition of maritime photography

In the early days of the pandemic a group of maritime workers found themselves in limbo, unable to escape an ocean-locked ‘bubble’. 

Napanari © Alys Tomlinson From Lost Summer
CREDIT: Alys Tomlinson
Forgotten youth
Alys Tomlinson

Tomlinson used the first lockdown to create the series Lost Summer, highlighting the sacrifices young people were making.

How I gave the children of Covid a voice
How I gave the children of Covid a voice
Kathleen Morgan

“The baby’s speech was delayed due to a lack of socialisation at play groups and nursery because of Covid-19 and lockdown.”

Features by individuals

The Pauls of Newport
Paul Boschen

Paul created a personal project as part of his own recovery from COVID19 Coronavirus and dealing with the subsequent lockdown.

We are all in it together
CREDIT: Avijit Datta
We are all in it together
Avijit Datta

The global COVID-19 pandemic and the response to it has had massive health, financial, social and psychological ramifications; ten million infections and half a million deaths. 

CREDIT: Peter Bartlett ARPS
Strange Times
Peter Bartlett ARPS

Lockdown restrictions were relaxed on 13 May when we were allowed to travel further and to exercise for periods longer than an hour. 

Talking Heads
Professor Paul Hill MBE

“I was fascinated by how people being interviewed on television were using Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime in differing & DIY ways..."

S S Kumar 9
Covid Skies
S S Kumar

A series of photographs taken from a Kolkata rooftop during lockdown became a cherished catalogue of a unique time.

Coronavirus UK – A Photobook
Coronavirus UK: A Photobook
Professor Mick Yates ARPS

The project combines an image taken daily during the Covid-19 crisis with a news headline from that same morning. 

CREDIT: Carolyn Mendelsohn
Through Our Lens COVID-19 Project

Teaching Young people to express themselves via photography during a pandemic

Based on an interview with Carolyn Mendelsohn by Avijit Datta.


CREDIT: Wayne Beattie
Photography as a tool against depression
Wayne Beattie

Beattie's fight with anxiety and depression using photography as his weapon of choice was recently covered in a BBC news article.

10. New Dawn
David Townshend ARPS

"My project ‘Separation’ is about my feelings following the loss of personal contact with my young grandchildren during the first lockdown."

PM 09
CREDIT: Prabir Kumar Mitra ARPS
The fight must go on
Dr Prabir Kumar Mitra ARPS

"The pandemic changed the world we know within a matter of weeks.  As a GP principal and trainer, I was used to practising in a certain way."

CREDIT: Homer Sykes
Hope. Struggle. Change. March 2020 - A Lockdown Diary
Homer Sykes

"Bad situation all around, Covid-19 will change everything. Economy down the tube is the least of anyone’s real worries; it’s the health of the nation that matters." 

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CREDIT: Charlie Surbey
Celebrating NHS Healthcare Staff in a Pandemic
Charlie Surbey

"I wanted to create a series of portraits to celebrate the NHS and members of staff that have had to switch from their normal roles within the hospital to working on the frontline."


Richard Lock Down
CREDIT: Richard Hall
A Portrait of England on VE Day in Lockdown
Stewart Wall ARPS

"I think it would be great if as members of The RPS we photographed residents in the streets or locality we all live... to celebrate VE Day..."

Aiming for 'L'
Mike Kitchingman LRPS

Kitchingman's experience of how the RPS Distinctions team and volunteers adapted the process due to the pandemic.

Dollar Gill T4zrr0chbkw Unsplash
CREDIT: © Dollar Gill
Lockdown and Photography - guidance
Evan Dawson (CEO) and Dr Michael Pritchard FRPS (Director of Education and Public Affairs)

Guidance for those working as professionals, studying photography, and as amateurs under new lockdown restrictions.

Industry news

Positive View 2 (1)
Lockdown: Taking a Positive View

The competition aimed to give UK young people a voice. Positive View Foundation is a youth charity supported by The Arts Council and RPS. 

Old Analogue Camera
CREDIT: Fern Nuttall ARPS
Covid-19’s Impact on Photography
Author: Fern Nuttall ARPS, Analogue Group Web Editor

The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on global industry with many companies furloughing or laying off staff or closing down.

Clapping For Mummy & Daddy (Our Heroes) By Nicole Paige Walters
CREDIT: Nicole Paige Walters
Hold Still Exhibition

The Duchess of Cambridge and National Portrait Gallery launched the Hold Still digital exhibition, featuring 100 portraits selected from over 30,000 submissions.