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1085X605bluebell Sunrise By Alan Ranger
CREDIT: Alan Ranger

Featured Landscape Photographer

RPS Landscape Group
Llynnau Mymbyr by Adrian Gidney FRPS
CREDIT: Adrian Gidney FRPS
Adrian Gidney FRPS
Featured Photographer

Adrian asks the question which I’m sure we’ve all pondered over the years: ‘Have you ever thought about buying a new lens but, even after reading all the reviews, were hesitant about hitting the ‘buy it now’ button?’ This was exactly the position Adrian found himself in a while ago. Here we find out how hiring a lens may be the way forward before getting your credit card out for that big purchase.

Poetry Of The Sea A
CREDIT: Lindsay Southgate LRPS
Lindsay Southgate LRPS
Featured Photographer

Lindsay’s happiest memories since childhood are related to spending time on a beach. As is often the case, these experiences form us and are reflected in the work that is produced and probably explains Lindsay’s preference for heading to the beach to create images. Lindsay has lived in Cornwall for the last twenty years, where the wide open beaches have inspired her to try and capture the feelings of peace and calm to be found whatever the weather and however ferocious or calm the sea.  

Moonrise, Glastonbury Tor © Robert Harvey Copy
CREDIT: Robert Harvey ARPS
Robert Harvey ARPS
Featured Photographer

Digital cameras have opened up a whole new genre of our art; that of landscape photography at night. With the correct exposure, modern cameras can record much fainter objects than the eye can see, revealing a Universe of wonders. Robert Harvey BA ARPS shares his knowledge of landscape astrophotography and some of the techniques demonstrated in his recent book “Photographing the Heavens”.

01. Stanley From The Air
CREDIT: Richard Revels FRPS
Richard Revels FRPS
Featured Photographer

I doubt if many RPS Landscape Group members have travelled to the Falkland Islands with their main objective being to take landscape pictures of those wonderfully wild groups of islands. There are, however, plenty of wildlife photographers I know who have made visits to photograph the wildlife there, with some pictures winning awards in various international exhibitions.

CREDIT: Viktoria Haack
Viktoria Haack
Featured Photographer

Viktoria finds the wild landscapes of Canada fascinating and is inspired by the weather, and especially, the Canadian winters. She finds snow and ice extremely interesting and loves exploring how winter changes the landscape: Lakes become frozen waterfalls, canyons full of water morph into cathedral like spaces: The ordinary becomes magical, as snow and ice transform the landscape.

3 Eastbourne Pier In The Rain Eva Worobiec FRPS
CREDIT: Eva Worobiec FRPS
Tony Worobiec FRPS and Eva Worobiec FRPS
Featured Photographers

Tony Worobiec FRPS and Eva Worobiec FRPS have created a new book as a joint project, which has meant that the new publication will have a broad appeal. For them, it was a pleasurable experience, to be able to share one’s passion with a partner.

Losangeles2021 Final 21 NAL 13
CREDIT: Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin
Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin
Featured Photographer

Kwasi has, for the past 15 years, been focused on documenting the changing neighbourhoods of his native Los Angeles. The exponential increase in the redevelopment of the urban landscape wiped out much of what made parts of the city so special.

Mussenden Temple
CREDIT: John Miskelly FRPS
John Miskelly FRPS
Featured Photographer

John believes that vision isn’t about sight, but rather, insight. It is what you see in your mind’s eye and, therefore, what you want to communicate through your images: The sense of finding your creative voice, which is simply about what you’re trying to say with your photographs. For John, it’s often more about what he feels when on location than what he actually sees at any particular moment.