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Covid Landscape By Geoff Hughes
CREDIT: Geoff Hughes

RPS Landscape Articles

A record of the Landscape Group News and Activities

Articles from Members


Along The Shore
CREDIT: Richard Ellis ARPS
Along The Shore
By Richard Ellis ARPS

Photographing coastal architecture between Shoreham by Sea and Newhaven

CREDIT: Bridget Davies ARPS 
A Little River on Dartmoor
By Bridget Davies ARPS 

The East Okemont River is a modest affair. Just five miles long, it rises below Oke Tor, flows north out of the Dartmoor National Park and into Okehampton where it meets its counterpart, the West Oke 

The Prime Lens Project by David Travis ARPS
CREDIT: David Travis ARPS
The Prime Lens Project by David Travis ARPS
By David Travis ARPS

Over a period of 5 days, I shot the same landscape with 5 different prime lenses. I found that each lens has a different personality and made me see the landscape differen

Rule of Thirds example by Tony Worobiec
CREDIT: Tony Worobiec
Ideas About Landscape Composition By Tony Worobiec
Written by Peter Fortune

On the 6th March 2012 Tony gave a presentation to the Speakers Day and AGM of the RPS Landscape SIG held via Zoom. 137 members were in attendance and his presentation was thought provoking and full of ideas, some of which run counter to conventional thinking. This document represents a summary of his presentation.

Nutley Windmill By Patrick Smith
CREDIT: Patrick Smith
A Windmill on my Mind
By Patrick Smith

I’m sure that I am not the only photographer that spends a fair amount of time planning to visit a location and imagining the ideal photograph that they would like to achieve...

Dawn light on Winnat's Pass By Kevin Gibbon
CREDIT: Kevin Gibbon
Dawn light on Winnat's Pass
By Kevin Gibbon

Since the easing of lockdown, I have managed to achieve four separate trips into the Peak District; three purely for photographic purposes and the fourth taking two of my granddaughters walking for the day.

Corfe Castle, Dorset by Ollie Taylor
CREDIT: Ollie Taylor
A Light in the Darkness
By Ollie Taylor

Working on an ongoing book project meant venturing out around the south west during May in the middle of the night, namely revisiting old haunts and documenting grid references, alongside exact times and what is available to photograph in the night sky, and at what time on the chosen locations to complement the landscape.

Firle Beacon By Amber Burton
CREDIT: Amber Burton
South Downs Explorer And Image Review
By Philip Bedford LRPS

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed us to think in new ways and challenged us to adapt to social distancing. The RPS Landscape Group has since run a couple of online workshops, including this one exploring the South Downs. 

Heather Sun Burst By Kevin Gibbin
CREDIT: Kevin Gibbin
Peak Practice
By Kevin Gibbin

The easing of lockdown in the summer of 2020, for most people, was an opportunity to get out into the local countryside with some decent boots and suitable clothing.

carbon-offsetting by Mark Reeves
CREDIT: Mark Reeves
The Price of the Air That We Breath
By Mark Reeves

What’s the best thing about being in the RPS landscape group? Being part of a community of like-minded photographers? The regular newsletters and magazines? Being part of our Facebook group, or one of our circles? If you’re like me, it’s all of those as well as meeting up at workshops to new location. 

Out for a stoll Palli Gajree OAM HONFRPS
My Membership of the RPS has been a most important part of my life
By Palli Gajree OAM HONFRPS

Palli Gajree reflects on how photography has been a major part of his life, inspired by life events, assisting others and friends or relatives. The RPS has been there all the way and Palli’s work is held for future generations to view in the Society’s permanent collection.

White Sands #01
CREDIT: Aaron Dickson
A Journey to Minimalism
By Aaron Dickson

Aaron has tinkered with old film cameras on and off over the years and always liked the simplistic nature of them; photography was pared down to the bare minimum, no bells or whistles attached.

Group Activities and Events News


Autumn Colours at Vimy Ridge By Doug Lodge
CREDIT: Doug Lodge
Print Circle ‘C’
By Doug Lodge

The RPS Postal Portfolio Print Circles use the ‘old fashioned’ method of print to share and critique each other’s works. There are three groups who have between six and ten members in their group and all work in pretty much the same way to share their prints and information. 

Bluebell Sunrise By Alan Ranger
CREDIT: Alan Ranger
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Grendavik Lighthouse by Steve Barnes
CREDIT: Steve Barnes
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Competition News


The Old Abandoned Railway by John McDowall
CREDIT: John McDowall
April 2021
Competition winner
Two AM And All Is Well By Peter Benson
CREDIT: Peter Benson
May 2021
Competition winner
London Geometry By Morag Forbes
CREDIT: Morag Forbes
June 2021
Competition winner
Last Leaves By Simon Turnbull
CREDIT: Simon Turnbull
July 2021
Competition winner
River Rib On A Misty Morning By John Mcdowall
CREDIT: John Mcdowall
August 2021
Competition winner