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Sunrise Over Godmanchester By Steve Williams
CREDIT: Steve Williams

Useful Photography tools and tips

written by RPS Landscape Group Members
Rule of Thirds example by Tony Worobiec
CREDIT: Tony Worobiec
Ideas About Landscape Composition By Tony Worobiec
Written by Peter Fortune

On the 6th March 2012 Tony gave a presentation to the Speakers Day and AGM of the RPS Landscape SIG held via Zoom. 137 members were in attendance and his presentation was thought provoking and full of ideas, some of which run counter to conventional thinking. This document represents a summary of his presentation.

The Prime Lens Project by David Travis ARPS
CREDIT: David Travis ARPS
The Prime Lens Project by David Travis ARPS
By David Travis ARPS

Over a period of 5 days, I shot the same landscape with 5 different prime lenses. I found that each lens has a different personality and made me see the landscape differently.

Into the Red By Peter Wells ARPS CPAGB BPE3 EFIAP
Into the Red

In this brief article I will hopefully whet the readers appetite for taking the plunge and at least trying out this technique. Like many more technical subjects Infra Red is often shrouded in mystery but in reality it is very easy to get into and the results can be really interesting and “different”.

Screenshot 2021 10 28 At 11.44.00
Getting the best from a polariser
By Justin Minns

As a landscape photographer filters are an essential part of my kit. Neutral density (ND) filters allow me to control the shutter speed for creative effects such as blurring water or clouds, while graduated ND filters are invaluable for balancing the light in unevenly lit scenes, when the dynamic range would otherwise exceed that of the camera.