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Close to Home Project 2022

Open to all RPS Landscape Group Members

The Landscape group launches the 'Close to Home' Project for 2022

A collaborative project bringing together the best of photography from RPS Landscape Group members.

About the Project

Project leader, Mike Lloyd suggests making multiple visits to an area close to your home enabling you to photograph the variations during 2022 in an environmentally friendly way.  You may even be able to walk there!  This could mean photographing the same scene through the seasons or taking abstract images that reflect your interpretations of your local area through the year.

To take part in this project you will need to create a set of six images taken in 2022 covering a period of several months up to a full year. 

- Taken locally (say within 10 miles of your home)

- Forms a cohesive set of six images

- Interprets the passage of time through 2022

There will be opportunities to share your progress and discuss your images via the RPS Landscape Facebook Group and email.

All sets of images submitted will be displayed on the Project's Gallery page on the RPS Landscape Group's website.  While this is not a competition, a number of entries will be printed at the end of the year in the RPS Landscape Magazine.  Up to four portfolios can be submitted


Here is an example of six images taken last year showing a year in the life of one pair of trees in Delamere Forest.

How to Register your Participation

The purpose of registering for this Project is to enable us to keep track of how many people would like to participate.  It will also enable us to contact participants, should we need to, regarding the progress of the project etc.  Open the registration form here

If you have a problem with the registration form please contact

How to submit your 'Set of six images' 

All six images should be the same orientation, 2000px wide and in jpeg format.  Please give your images a title and include your name.   Add a number to each image title to indicate the running order you wish them to be displayed, for example, 1 Delamere Forest by Mike Lloyd.jpg for the 1st image of your set and then, 2 Delamere Forest by Mike Lloyd.jpg for the 2nd and so on.   

Send your six images in a folder to using 

Good luck in finding your own subjects, style and interpretations of your local area during 2022

Mike Lloyd ARPS 



Please check this webpage for updates on this Project as the year progresses.

All images are © Mike Lloyd ARPS



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