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Members’ Outdoor Exhibition

Landscape Group Members’ Outdoor Exhibition 2022


The RPS Landscape Group will be holding outdoor exhibition of members’ work during 2022: in four major city locations (possibly more): opening at St. Andrew Square in central Edinburgh on 22nd May - 18th June followed by Dame Judi Dench Walk (on the Riverside adjacent to Museum Gardens) in York 26th June - 10th July.  We will then move south in the Autumn.

The exhibition comprises c60 prints on 22 panels: a run of almost 24 metres of landscape images. This is a great opportunity to show a range of members’ images to a wider audience, and not just the physical display: in the Gallery (below) you will find the images that will be on display and links to the websites for those exhibiting photographers who have them. We will be promoting the panels and in social media (hashtag #RPSLandscapeExhibition). 

Having started to work with some of the relevant RPS Regions, we have been delighted to receive good support/ideas (including from non-Landscape members).

RPS Press Release about locations and dates, here

Press coverage:
Atacama Volcanoes By Dave Barrett  LRPS
CREDIT: Dave Barrett LRPS

Online Gallery

View all the exhibited images


The exhibition is current on display at Dame Judi Dench Walk in York 26th June - 10th July 2022.

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The exhibition at St. Andrew Square in central Edinburgh on 22nd May - 18th June 2022

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Header Displaying Panels

The images of the exhibition in Edinburgh were kindly take by Colin Balfour