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Travel Image of the Month - August 2022

A smaller selection this month - just 17 images for me to consider - but a nice selection, nevertheless.

After some deliberation, and going backwards and forwards between 2 or 3 images, my winner for this month - August - is:

Kalsoy, Faroe Islands, 0921 - David Cummings ARPS
I particularly like the low angle used here - with the way that the eye goes to the brightest part of the image - the white boat - and then works its way up to the red-roofed church (which provides a nice colour contrast with the green grass) and then up to the top of the mountain. This composition, and the fact we work our way from the boat at the bottom, up through the frame, makes this an excellent image.

I also have two Highly Commended images, which are, in no particular order:

Street Dancers, Delhi - Jane Tearle
I like the energy and vibrance that this image has - it has impact, helped by the red-shirted girl in the middle. At first, I wondered about the man filming with his phone on the right of the image but then, after further consideration, I feel that he adds to the image and provides depth. In a perfect world, the photographer would have moved half a pace to the left, so that the phone wasn’t in front of the two dancers on the right but it’s not a perfect world and this still a great image.

St Paul's, inn'it ! - Yvette Smith
I wasn’t sure about this one to start with, but kept coming back to it - the girl at the front, smiling at the camera has a lovely expression, the lad on the right, leaning into the photo balances her and, in the background, the much-photographed view of St Paul’s Cathedral towering above the Millennium Bridge. Without these figures in the foreground, this image would be just one amongst thousands from this viewpoint, with them included, it comes alive. Lots to enjoy here - and great sense of the place.

The winning shot will be added to the Travel Image of the Month page on the website, with the overall monthly winners competing to be the Group’s best travel photograph of the year.

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Kalsoy, Faroe Islands 9 2022
CREDIT: David Cummings
Kalsoy, Faroe Islands, 0922
Street Dancers Delhi
Street Dancers, Delhi
'St Paul's, Inn' It'
St Paul's, inn'it!
62 633 Departs From The Wooden Loading Facility At Zenica, Bosnia.
62-633 departs from the wooden Loading facility at Zenica, Bosnia
Smile Please Samarkand
Smile please - Samarkand
Villafranca, Spain
Villefranca, Spain
Tuscany Fall Landscape
Tuscany, Fall Landscape
Buddhist Monks Horn Practice Lo Manthang
Buddhist Monks Horn Practice, Lo-Manthang
Walk In Alfama, Lisbon
Walk in Alfama, Lisbon
Noise, Dust, Crowds
Noise, Dust, Crowds - Scotland
May 1St Day, Fonte Luminosa, Lisbon
May 1st Day, Fonte Luminosa, Lisbon
Cuban Dream
Cuban Dream
Keukenhopf Garden, Netherlands
Keukenhopf Gardens, The Netherlands
Lady On Steps Baktarpur
Lady on Steps, Baktarpur
Ice Field, Greenland
Ice Field, Greenland