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2022 July TioM

Travel Image of the Month - July 2022 


This month's judge writes After some consideration, my winner for this month - July - is Climbing in the Alps, Chamonix, France by Sue Hutton

It is totally made, for me by the climbers at the bottom of the photograph, helped by the line of the trail that they’re following. I’m also pleased to see that there’s plenty of space above them - giving both a sense of scale of the mountains emerging from the clouds above and behind them - and also an excellent sense of place.
I also have three Highly Commended images which are, in no particular order:
Moroccan Street Scene by John Clare
A nice, simple, street scene, evidencing both the old (the man carrying what looks to be a heavy bag) and the not so old (the cyclist with his heavy load as well). Even without the title, I’ve a good idea as to where this image was taken - a good example of life on a quiet side street in a Moroccan town or city.
The one thing that just concerns me slightly here is the perspective - is it the angle from which the photo was taken - or just way the building has been constructed?! A little post-processing work with the Transform or Geometry sliders might have helped here.
Water Buffalo Riders, Myanmar by Neil Harris
A delightful image of the boy in red, the main subject of the photo, enjoying himself, I also love the contrasting colours of the clothes being worn by these 2 boys. This is accentuated by the somber, dark, background.
At first glance, this image was a little alarming - as to what was causing the splashing in the water - and so I was glad to have the title of this photo - as it clarified what the boys were doing. It’s a nice, well caught, photograph.
Good Friends, Nai, Udaipur, India by Ian O' Neill
A lovely, happy, image - what I like about this one is the way that the photographer has engaged with these two gentlemen, with a nice smile from the man on the left and a quizzical look on the man on the right.
The technically excellent monochrome treatment works well here - focusing our attention on the people, not the clothes that they are wearing. All in all, a very nice photograph.


• The winning shot will be added to the Travel Image of the Month page on the website, with the overall monthly winners competing to be the Group’s best travel photograph of the year.

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Climbing In The Alps, Chamonix, France
Climbing in the Alps, Chamonix, France
Moroccan Street Scene
CREDIT: John Clare
Moroccan Street Scene
Water Buffalo Riders Burma
CREDIT: Neil Harris
Water Buffalo Riders, Myanmar
Good Friends
CREDIT: Ian O'Neill
Good Friends, Nai, Udaipur, India
Ironbridge, Shropshire
Ironbridge, Shropshire
Washing In The Garden, Lake Inle Myanmar
Washing in the Garden, Lake Inle, Myanmar
At The Feet Of The Buddah, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka
At the feet of the Buddha, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka
Morning Exercise, Oman
Morning Exercise, Oman
Memory Picture, San Diego, California
Memory Picture, San Diego, California
One Among Many On Crosby Beach
One Among Many, Crosby Beach
Lustica Bay Marina, Montenegro
Lustica Bay Marina, Montenegro
Walking The Dog, Burano, Veneto
Walking the Dog, Burano, Veneto
Paddle Steamer New Orleans
Paddle Steamer, New Orleans
'A Tapas Bar, Jerez'
Tapas Bar, Jerez, Spain
Well Loaded Leh
Well Loaded, Leh, Ladakh
Chimborazo Sunset
Chimborazo Sunset, Ecuador
Drum Major, Tomintoul Highland Games
Drum Major, Tomintoul Highland Games
Fisherman At Sunrise, Sri Lanka
Fisherman at Sunrise, Sri Lanka
King's Trophy Tournament, Morocco
King's Trophy Tournament, Morocco
Marina Sands Hotel, Singapore
Marina Sands Hotel, Singapore
The Congregation, Romania
The Congregation, Romania
Wait For Me!
Wait for Me! Lisbon
At Night In Paris
At Night in Paris
Dovercourt Outer Lighthouse
Dovercourt Outer Lighthouse, Essex
Temple Street, Hong Kong
Temple Street, Hong Kong
Summer Is A Small Life, Rovinj, Croatia
Summer is a small life, Rovinj, Croatia
Taquileños Island Pipe Music
Taqileños Pipe Music, Peru