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2022 June TioM

Travel Image of the Month - June 2022

There were twenty-two images entered this month, slightly fewer than of late, but the quality was as high as ever. Again,they covered a wide range of travel locations, both local and far afield. Despite the fewer entries, there are a slightly larger number of highly commended images this month.

Winning Image

Morning Entertainment Shegerini, Eritraea - Ian Sylvester
This image shows a strong sense of place and human interest, coming from the group chatting as they look down onto the old steam train emerging from the tunnel and snaking its away around the contours of the arid hillside. Both interest and composition are enhanced by the person in white headwear turned to engage with their neighbour so that their face is also
visible to the camera.

Highly Commended Images

Venice Reflections - Gabriele Dellanave
The colourful reflections distorting and shimmering with the ripples of the canal result in a watercolour-like quality. The sense of place is clear and strong from seeing just enough of the prow of the gondola together with the reflected classic Venetian city buildings beyond.

Sunrise over Angkor Wat - Richard Coulstock
Does what it says on the can – a classic view of sunrise over the Wat. It can be nowhere else. The buildings and trees in silhouette, that central small patch of bright light behind and the pink-gold sunlight picking out the textured contours of the heavily clouded sky all build into an atmospheric image strengthened by their reflections in the lake before it.

Reflections in a Canal - Sanjoy Sangupta
Another classic image, which exudes calm in a quiet quarter of Amsterdam. The sense of place is in no doubt and is emphasised by the painterly feel of the image. The sunlight shining off the windows of the middle house of the perfectly mirrored row of traditional tall canal-side dwellings, raises it further, as do the clouds being lighter just above the roofline.
The overhanging tree branches emphasise the calmness and sense of place.

The Greek Apiarist - Yvette Smith
This is a very simple yet very strong image. It is reinforced by the well positioned eponymous apiarist in his white suit facing the camera full square on. We know this is not a rural English scene - the sense of place comes from the brightly coloured hives amid the Mediterranean field setting of the local trees and sunburned yellow grass.

Monk Contemplating a Book - Paul Turner
Another very simple and calming image, this one capturing the monk absorbed by his book and detached from his surroundings. The diagonal rays of light make this image, together with the sunlight reflecting off the book onto the monk's face and arms. The simple rustic construction of the building, its window and seat adds to the atmosphere.

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Morning Entertainment, Shegerini, Eriteria
CREDIT: Ian Sylvester
Morning Entertainment, Shegerini, Eritraea
'The Greek Apiarist'
The Greek Apiarist
Venice Reflections
Venice Reflections
Monk Contemplating A Book, Myanmar
Monk contemplating a book, Myanmar
Sunrise Over Angkor Wat
Sunrise over Angkor Wat
Reflection On Canal
Reflection in a Canal, Amsterdam
Two Birds, Colmar, France
Two Birds, Colmar, France
Road Sweeper Taj Mahal
Road Sweeper, Taj Mahal
Halved, Opatija, Croatia
Halved, Opatija, Croatia
Sunrise Over Salute, Venice
Sunrise over Salute, Venice
Ice Fishing, Ummannaq, Greenland
Erg Chebbi
Erg Chebbi, Morocco
Street Trader Ladakh
Street Trader, Ladakh
Top Dog
Top Dog, Lake Inle, Myanmar
The Leaving Of Liverpool
The Leaving of Liverpool
Dashing For The Post Salisbury
Dashing for the Post, Salisbury
Tourists Gather After The Fountain Display, Bordeaux, France
Tourists gather after the fountain display, Bordeaux, France
Surfers' Paradise Framed
Surfers' Paradise Framed, Kirra Beach, Australia
San Gimignano Harry Roth
San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy
Night Time, Khiva, Uzbekistan
Night time, Khiva, Uzbekistan
Essentially French (1 Of 1)
French patisserie shop in Soissons
Working Sikkim Woman