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Climbing In The Alps, Chamonix, France

Best of the Best 2022

Selecting this as Best of the Best Monthly 2022, Janey Devine FRPS said:
'A really arresting view point - 3 climbers and their shadows perfectly placed, and the path snaking its way across the pass. The clouds are thin enough in places to give you tantalising views of the mountains behind. Technically this is not an easy image, taken on a sunny day but there is good detail in the snow, and the portrait format works well to emphasise the height of the mountains. I commend the photographer for getting that high. Was it from a drone/plane or was the photographer a keen mountaineer too? It doesn’t matter - the mystery just adds strength to the image.'

Our judge for the month (July 2022), Justin Cliffe ARPS, writes:

After some consideration, my winner for this month is Climbing in the Alps, Chamonix, France by Sue Hutton

It is totally made, for me by the climbers at the bottom of the photograph, helped by the line of the trail that they’re following. I’m also pleased to see that there’s plenty of space above them - giving both a sense of scale of the mountains emerging from the clouds above and behind them - and also an excellent sense of place.
2022 July TioM
Monastir Tunisia
CREDIT: Carl Mason

Monastir, Tunisia

Monastir, Tunisia - Carl Mason

Our judge for this month, Richard Lewis ARPS commented, 

"This image exudes a sense of calm appropriate to its subject, resulting in a real sense of place. It is taken from a low angle which helps assure an excellent perspective, emphasised by the feeling of openness and the interesting rhythmic pattern of the ground. It is appropriately formatted and works well in mono."


2022 Jan TIoM
Winter Game, Antarctica
CREDIT: Victor Wong

Winter Game, Antarctica

Winter Game, Antarctica - Victor Wong

Our judge for this month, Justin Cliffe ARPS commented;

"This is definitely eye-catching, for a number of reasons, principally for the surprise of seeing someone jumping into what is clearly a very cold sea. I like the bright colours of the figures in the foreground which contrast nicely with the soft shades of grey in the land beyond. The fast shutter speed freezes the motion of the man jumping into the water perfectly and the position of the 4 people in the boat keep the eye directed towards him. Excellent."

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2022 February TIoM
Mighty Matterhorn And Skiers At Gornergrat Zermatt Switzerland
CREDIT: Martin Reece

Mighty Matterhorn and Skiers at Gornergrat - Zermatt - Switzerland

This month's judge, Richard Lewis commented:

'Twenty-one entries this month with several strong contenders and some difficult choices to be made.  As ever, the assessment emphasis is on that essential sense of time and place which is at the core of what makes a Travel image, together with technical and aesthetic strengths and sheer interest value.'

'A straightforward image that exudes sense of place, not only by the presence of the snow-clad mountain range surrounding the subject peak, but also by details such as the snow blowing off it and people's colourful cold-climate clothing.  Composition is strong with that block of colourful sightseers giving it life, and the winding walkway leading into them, featuring the nicely positioned couple toward the foreground. The light is well suited to the image and one can almost feel the quietude to be found in Alpine spaces such as this.'

Congratulations to Martin Reece.

2022 March TIoM
Havana, Cuba
CREDIT: Jo Kearney

Havana, Cuba

This month's judge, Justin Cliffe, commented:

A nice selection of images this month - after considerable thought and deliberation, my winner for April is Havana Cuba. What makes this photo for me is the figure of the man, in the doorway, peering out at the photographer - but I also like the smiling woman in the foreground. Both are positioned nicely in the frame and the subtle colours add to the sense of decay that one sees on the building. A worthy winner this month.

Congratulations to Jo Kearney ARPS.

2022 April TioM
Marina Bay, Singapore
CREDIT: Richard Coulstock

Marina Bay, Singapore

Winning Image

Marina Bay, Singapore by Richard Coulstock

This month's judge, Richard Lewis, commented:

A nicely composed and colourful night-time shot, with the right colours in the right place. The row of red lights at the left lead in very effectively and combine with the other converging lines to emphasise perspective. The blue flower stands out as relief and provides a focal point as well as a sense of place - not to mention the SG on one of the towers to the left which themselves play a role in building both perspective and symmetry left to right. Top to bottom symmetry about the water line is achieved through the reflections in the water. A very pleasing image.

Congratulations to Richard Coulstock.

2022 May TioM
Morning Entertainment, Shegerini, Eriteria
CREDIT: Ian Sylvester

Morning Entertainment Shegerini, Eritraea

Our judge this month, Richard Lewis, commented:

This image shows a strong sense of place and human interest, coming from the group chatting as they look down onto the old steam train emerging from the tunnel and snaking its away around the contours of the arid hillside. Both interest and composition are enhanced by the person in white headwear turned to engage with their neighbour so that their face is also visible to the camera. Image by Ian Sylvester.

2022 June TioM
Kalsoy, Faroe Islands 9 2022
CREDIT: David Cummings

Kalsoy Faero Islands

Our judge, Justin Cliffe commented:

Kalsoy, Faroe Islands, 0921 - David Cummings ARPS
I particularly like the low angle used here - with the way that the eye goes to the brightest part of the image - the white boat - and then works its way up to the red-roofed church (which provides a nice colour contrast with the green grass) and then up to the top of the mountain. This composition, and the fact we work our way from the boat at the bottom, up through the frame, makes this an excellent image.

Congratulations to David Cummings.

2022 August TiOM
Misty Mekong Morning
CREDIT: Tony Beane

Misty Mekong Morning

Our judge this month, Justin Cliffe, commented:

Misty Mekong Morning - Tony Beane

Great atmosphere here - it’s really made by the early morning mist but also helped by the three figures on the right. In a perfect world (which we don’t have!), the prow of the boat in the right foreground would have some space between it and the boat behind it, nevertheless, this is a very nice, restful, travel photograph and deserves to be this month’s winner. 

2022 September TiOM
Sweet Seller Jma El Fna Marrakech
CREDIT: Antony Beane

Jma El Fna Sweetmeat Seller, Marrakech

Our judge this month, Richard Lewis, commented:

The sweet seller and his wares are nicely and evocatively lit by the bare light bulbs across his stall, and the lit area is framed by the silhouetted Moorish arch above the colourfully textured abundance of sweets below.  It helps that he is going about his work clad in a white coat in a central position, oblivious of the camera.  Altogether an attractive and well executed mage.

Image by Tony Beane

2022 October TiOM
Thumbnail Joy At The Field, Indonesia
CREDIT: Victor Wong

Joy at the Field, Indonesia

Our judge, Justin Cliffe, commented:

A delightful, and yes, joyful, image - and a wonderful colour combination with the  bright red of the children’s clothing contrasting with the bright green of the trees in the background. This setting helps provide context to the image as well as a sense of place and its framing helps emphasise the extent of the forest behind the children.

Image by Victor Wong

2022 November TioM
St Olaf's Church, Montana
CREDIT: John Clare

St Olaf's Church, Luther, Montana

Our judge, Richard Lewis, commented:

This image exudes sense of place, and of time, by capturing the bleakness of the flat open North American plains in winter.  This is reinforced by the lack of colour and the overall cast. A very simple image with the parcity of its featured content emphasised by the flat covering of snow.  It captures the harsh reality of rural life in that part of the world.  The small sparsely occupied cemetery reminds us of the settlers who, over the years, have embraced the unwelcoming conditions and called this remote community home.  Altogether, a very atmospheric image.

Image by John Clare

2022 December TioM