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Travel Image of the Month - May 2022

This month's judge, Richard Lewis, commented:

Twenty-eight images were entered this month, covering a wide range of travel locations and photographic styles. There were several especially interesting images all worthy of mention, but of course one of those had to be declared as the winning image. As ever, the assessment emphasis is on that essential sense of place and time which is at the core of what makes a Travel image, together with technical and aesthetic strengths and sheer interest value.

Winning Image

Marina Bay, Singapore by Richard Coulstock

A nicely composed and colourful night-time shot, with the right colours in the right place. The row of red lights at the left lead in very effectively and combine with the other converging lines to emphasise perspective. The blue flower stands out as relief and provides a focal point as well as a sense of place - not to mention the SG on one of the towers to the left which themselves play a role in building both perspective and symmetry left to right. Top to bottom symmetry about the water line is achievedthrough the reflections in the water. A very pleasing image.

Highly Commended Images

Portland Bill Lighthouse by Carl Mason

Monochrome works well for this image, to emphasise both the desolate location and the dying sunlight reflecting off the dramatic clouds above. The low horizon and low camera angle emphasise the effect as does the silhouette form of the lighthouse itself. These all add up to convey that sense of time and of remote shoreline place

Youngsters at Thangboche, Nepal by George Pearson

This is a nice composition framing the two youngsters together to the right of the window aperture. Their pondering faces show curiosity. The effect is enhanced by the overall subdued lighting contrasting with one of the faces and with the textured edges of the shutters and the window frame. The sense of place derives from the youngsters' clothing and the simple architectural style of the window and its shutter arrangements.

Snow Falling in Sertar, China by Bob Chiu

The body language of the walkers leaning into the snow-laden winds says it all, enhanced by the monochrome of the image. The walkers being in four groups, each line abreast, emphasises the effect. Strong perspective is formed throughout the image, not only by the walkers receding into the distance but also from the lines of the fence all the way around through the road edges, the wall and the arrangement of the buildings above. The clothing and signage add to emphasise that sense of place and the evident climate shows sense of time.

The winning shot will be added to the Travel Image of the Month page on the website, with the overall monthly winners competing to be the Group’s best travel photograph of the year.

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Marina Bay, Singapore
CREDIT: Richard Coulstock
Marina Bay, Singapore
Youngsters At Thangboche
Youngsters at Thangboche, Nepal
Portland Bill Lighthouse
Portland Bill Lighthouse
Snow Falling In Sertar, China
Snow falling in Sertar, China
An Englishman Abroad
An Englishman Abroad
Sunrise Over The Golan Heights And The Sea Of Galilee, Tiberias, Israel
Sunrise over the Golan Heights and Sea of Tiberias, Israel
Armenia Ghat
Ablutions in Hooghly River, Kolkata
The Church At Budhir, Iceland
The Church at Budhir, Iceland
Sopra Roma
Sopra Roma (Higher than Rome)
Black Kettle Thailand
Black Kettle, Thailand
Chasing Pigeons 580X72
Chasing Pigeons, St Francis Sq, Quito
Eighth Avenue, New York
Eighth Avenue, New York
Fisherman On Lake Inle Myanmar
Fisherman on Lake Inle, Myanmar
Gentoos In Antarctica
Gentoo Penguins in Antarctica
Icelandic Morning
Icelandic Morning
Massawa Harbour,Eriteria
Massawa Harbour, Eritrea
Philae, Egypt
Philae, Egypt
Romania Jo Kearney ARPS
Santa Domingo Festival.Harry Rothjpg
Santa Domingo de la Calzada, Spain
Spidsbergseter, Rondane National Park, Norway
Spidsbergseter, Rondane National Park, Norway
Statue Of Robert Clive [Of India] At The Square In Shrewsbury (1 Of 1)
Statue of Robert Clive (of India) Shrewsbury
Tea Picker, Munnar Tea Plantation
Tea Picker, Munnar Tea Plantation
Winnowing in Sikkim
220514 Florida May 2022 L1005145
Florida, April 2022
Black Horse
Black Horse, Snowshill, Cotwolds
Beside Loch Clair By John Curgenven
Beside Loch Clair
A Masai Welcome
A Masai Welcome