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Travel Image of the Month - December 2022

Our judge this month, Richard Lewis, writes:

There were twenty images entered this month.  Together they comprise a good selection that covers a wide range of travel locations and themes., as well as a broad range of photographic styles and techniques.  Conveying sense of place remains a fundamental parameter in assessing the images.  The winning image shows that less is sometimes more although there were several strong contenders with more complex compositions.

Winning Image
St Olaf's Church, Luther, Montana - John Clare

This image exudes sense of place, and of time, by capturing the bleakness of the flat open North American plains in winter.  This is reinforced by the lack of colour and the overall cast.

A very simple image with the parcity of its featured content emphasised by the flat covering of snow.  It captures the harsh reality of rural life in that part of the world.  The small sparsely occupied cemetery reminds us of the settlers who, over the years, have embraced the unwelcoming conditions and called this remote community home.  Altogether, a very atmospheric image.

Highly Commended Images
Well done Granny, Vietnam - Jane Tearle

Sense of place comes from the colourful costumes, humble buildings and the simple action of tossing the rice, the movement of which is very nicely captured.

The small child's body language reveals fascination and engagement with the work in hand, while Granny looks on, clearly aware of the interest she is causing.

All in all a nicely framed and composed image.

Masai Mara Valley Sunrise - Gabriele Dellanave

Dramatic skies, with the slowly rising sun growing under layers of  textured clouds, speak volumes about time of day.

The effect is reinforced by the silhouettes of the tree and figure that also create the sense of place. From a composition perspective, the horizon is well positioned to give good balance to land and sky.

Horse Race at Ibra, Oman - Sanjoy Sengupta

A dramatic action shot showing derring-do atop a galloping horse.  The impact is enhanced by the white clad figures and horse head in sunlight contrasting with the shadows formed by that light.  The hazy yet dominant mountain backdrop and barren land join together with the event activity and participants to create the always essential sense of place.

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St Olaf's Church, Montana
CREDIT: John Clare
St Olaf's Church, Luther, Montana
Well Done Granny, Vietnam
Well done Granny, Vietnam
Horse Race At Ibra
Horse race at Ibra, Oman
Thumbnail Maasai Mara Valley Sunrise By Gabriele Dellanave
Maasai Mara Valley Sunrise
Sunset In Wadi Rum Jordan
Sunset in Wadi Rum, Jordan
Watching The Train,Dvoriste,Serbia
Watching the Train, Dvoriste, Serbia
Kitchener Memorial Orkney (1 Of 1)
Kitchener Memorial, Orkney
Istanbul Sunset
Istanbul Sunset
Thumbnail Siena RPS Travel Comp
Siena, Italy
Polar Bear Encounter Up Close
Polar Bear Encounter Close Up
Thumbnail News Paper Seller, India
Newspaper seller, India
Thumbnail Ladakh Monastery
Ladakh Monastery
Thumbnail Village Scene Chitwan Nepal
Village, Chitwan, Nepal
Ed's Easy Diner
Ed's Easy Diner, Birmingham
'I'm In The Money!'
I'm in the Money
Contrada Procession Siena
Contrada Procession, Siena
Coloured Houses Burano Venice
Coloured Houses, Burano, Venice
Argentina Base. Anrarctica, By Barbara Fleming
Argentina Base, Antartica
Iced Up In Alabama
Iced up in Alabama
Northern Lights RPS Travel
Northern Lights, Trömso, Norway