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Please note: RPS House is closed for our exhibition install. We will be open again from 10am on Friday 9th August 2024.


Windows on the World Exhibition 2021

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Caffe Florian Venice By Siegfried Rubbert LRPS Germany
Siegfried Rubbert LRPS (Germany)
Buddist Way Of Thai Puen By Sarah Wouters ARPS Thailand
Sarah Wouters ARPS (Thailand)
Model Citizens By Rob Morgan ARPS Australia
Rob Morgan ARPS (Australia)
On The Way Home By A Abubakar Fraij ARPS Singapore
A Abubakar Fraij ARPS (Singapore)
Oudenbosch Basilica André Bergmans Netherlands
André Bergmans (Netherlands)
Window 04 Carles Mitja ASIS FRPS Spain
Carles Mitja FRPS (Spain)
Window By Carol Olerud ARPS Netherlands
Carol Olerud ARPS (Netherlands)
My Window By Richard Tucker ARPS Switzerland
Richard Tucker ARPS (Switzerland)
Journey Through The Looking Glass By Brian Menzies Australia
Brian Menzies (Australia)
'Lunchtime'by Jilltaylorlrpsswitzerland
Jill Taylor LRPS (Switzerland)
Christ Above Louise Knaresborough LRPS Brasil (1 Of 1)
Louise Knaresborough LRPS (Brazil)
Port Louis Market By Elizabeth Leech Mauritius
Elizabeth Leech (Mauritius)
Abandoned By Robin Williams FRPS Australia
Robin Williams FRPS (Australia)
Kings Dreaming By Gigi Williams FRPS Australia
Gigi Williams FRPS (Australia)
Telescopes, Paris, France By Alison Lake USA
Alison Lake (USA)
Shore Of Heaven By HUI Check Wing ARPS Hong Kong
Hui Check-Wing ARPS (Hong Kong)
In Love By Johann Van Der Walt FRPS China
Johann van der Walt FRPS (China)
COVID 25 By Michael Burris USA
Michael Burris (USA)
Take Care And Be Safe By Liz Hardley FPSNZ LRPS Efiapb New Zealand
Liz Hardley LRPS (New Zealand)
Parliament By Guy Little ARPS Australia
Guy Little ARPS (Australia)
Brian Wimborne (Australia)
Motel Window Mittagong 2021 By Glenn Porter ASIS FRPS Australia
Glen Porter FRPS (Australia)
Tony Healy ARPS (Australia)
Lady Behind The Curtain By Ajit Huilgol ARPS India
Ajit Huilgol ARPS (India)
Inside And Outside The Window By Xiaoyi Chen LRPS Chinae
Xiaoyi Chen LRPS (China)
Ballerina Reflection By James Gordon Patterson USA
James Gordan Patterson (USA)
Kai-Kong Wong ARPS (Hong Kong)
Venice Night By Richard Lavery ARPS France
Richard Lavery ARPS (France)
Urban Housing By Thin Thin Tun LRPS Myanmar
Thin Thin Tun LRPS (Myanmar)
Expectation By Nan Jiang China
Nan Jiang (China)
Sumba Kid By Sylvester Wong Hsiang Hui ARPS Malaysia
Sylvester Wong Hsiang Hui ARPS (Malaysia)
Window In HOME Kim Yu Yuen LRPS Hong Kong
Kim Yu Yuen LRPS (Hong Kong)
All The News By Hunter Johnson LRPS USA
Hunter Johnson LRPS (USA)
Hundertwasser Architecture By Ming Lai Chung ARPS Hong Kong
Ming Lai Chung ARPS (Hong Kong)
A Stranger By Kaiyu Lu LRPS China
Kaiyu Lu LRPS (China)
Patrick Reilly (Ireland)
In A Different World By Krzysztof Muskalski Poland
Krzysztof Muskalski (Poland)
Windows And Buildings By Cheuk Wai Tai AIS ARPS Sweden
Cheuk-Wai Tai AIS ARPS (Sweden)
Indian Girl By Victor Wong ARPS Hong Kong
Victor Wong ARPS (Hong Kong)

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