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Lake Ammer
CREDIT: Chris Renk (Germany)

Windows on the World Exhibition 2021

We are delighted to announce a 2021 online exhibition of RPS International Members’ work to be displayed on the International section of the RPS website.

We are inviting all RPS international members to submit one image in this exhibition on the theme Windows on the World. Your image might be taken inside looking out – or outside looking in. It might be window reflections, or perhaps a traditional window typically found in your country or region. It’s wide open!

Submission of Images: 15 June 2021 - 31 August 2021

You must be an International member to submit. Only one entry per member.

How to submit:

    • The image must contain an element of a window. This could be a window as either the frame, looking out, or frame looking in, window reflections or beautiful windows in their local style
    • Images must be no longer than 800px on the long edge
    • Do not send images with frames added or watermarks on the image (credits will be added to the page)
    • Images must be sRGB and jpg
    • Images should be titled in the following way:

                     [Image Name] by [Member Name][Distinction (if any)][Country]

                     e.g. Pretty Picture by Adam Smith ARPS Australia.jpg

    • Email your images to:
    • Please include your RPS membership number in the body of the email.
    • Failure to comply will mean your work will not be displayed.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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Grid Windows By Draco Wong LRPS Hong Kong
Draco Wong LRPS (Hong Kong)
Blind Down Curtains Drawn By John Harrison Australia
John Harrison (Australia)
Floral Curtain By Grahame Soden ARPS Sweden
Grahame Soden ARPS (Sweden)
Dubrovnic Gazing Out By Catherine Bohemier Canada
Catherine Bohemier (Canada)
Palace Square 2006 By David Cummings ARPS USA
David Cummings ARPS (USA)
Window Paul Parent Canada
Paul Parent (Canada)
Chandelier By Ron W Evans ARPS USA
Ron W Evans (ARPS) USA
Lisboa By Charana Jayasuriya Sri Lanka
Charana Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)
Roof Window By Tao Jiang China
Tao Jiang (China)
Delightfulby Sanjoy Bhattacharyalrps India
Sanjoy Bhattacharya LRPS (India)
Disjointed Reflections By Palli Gajree Honfrps Australia
Palli Gajree HonFRPS (Australia)
Into The Light By Andrew Wodzinski LRPS Canada
Andrew Wodzinski LRPS (Canada)
Miriam At The Window By Ashok Viswanathan India
Ashok Viswanathan (India)
Naya By Paul Cooley Ireland
Paul Cooley (Ireland)
Neva Dream By Anthony Wood Switzerland
Anthony Wood (Switzerland)
Reverie By Alex Dumitru Canada
Alex Dumitru (Canada)
Sunset By Yiu Kwan CHING ARPS Hong Kong
Yiu Kwan Ching (ARPS) Hong Kong
The Novice By Bandu Gunaratne LRPS Srilanka
Bandu Gunaratne LRPS (Sri Lanka)
Whalers Cabin By Peter Hudson ARPS USA
Peter Hudson ARPS (USA)
Ohio Candlelight By Sarah Sloboda USA
Sarah Sloboda (USA)
Window To The Past By Annette Lepple France
Annette Lepple (France)
Secret Window By Altea Leszczynska Poland
Altea Leszczynska (Poland)

Gallery page: 1 | 2