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Mission Moon David Eicher

A journey through 3D images

Studying stuff on my bookshelf

Been studying stuff this evening, this time browsing my bookshelf. For a number of reasons I am drawn back to a book on 3-D photography.

Stereoscopic imaging has a long history and I was lucky to view some of this as portraiture at the National Gallery of Art in Washington only a few months ago. This was the start of my journey with Warren De La Rue who used his moon camera to generate stereoscopic images of the moon using wet glass plates in the 1850s.

I had worked in 3-D photography but in silver halide holography with Ilford in the 1980s. This was the source of the mirror I was using for my version of the moon camera at home. This fascination with 3D imaging has not left me. As a part of my work I am currently researching the field of stereo vision, this time for use in augmented and virtual reality headsets.

My interest in this area is not confined to my work. In 2011 I helped organise a 1 day event on Stereoscopic Imaging with the Imaging Science Group. We should maybe revisit that topic again some time as there is a lot happening here.

But for this evening it is Mission Moon. Take a browse around The RPS Shop for a book or gift that motivates you to study stuff.