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Portrait Of The Wife Of William Ward Booth Junior
CREDIT: Victoria & Albert museum collection

Then and now

And a focus on our future

Still looking at my copy of the December 2019 edition of The Journal arrived. IPE LiDAR image, Robert Gendler who I met at the 2019 Awards evening  but this time my gaze was drawn to 2 images of climate activist Greta Thunberg.

One was a Time Magazine cover taken by Hellen van Meene Hon FRPS, I presume captured by a typical modern route of a colour digital camera. The other was for me the most arresting; "Standing for us all" by Shane Balkowitsch. Shane describes himself as a wet plate Ambrotype artist, recording images in silver on glass plates. The medium was chosen for its image permanence but it is also a beautiful monochrome image that captured a moment in time.

Ambrotypes were popular for portrait photography 150 years ago, often hand coloured, such as the one illustrated from the Victoria & Albert museum collection. Nice to see them used for a contemporary study with a focus on our future. And I do like glass plates...