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3339331 Mark Hetherington Coastal Symmetry
CREDIT: Mark Hetherington

Editorial by Peter Fortune

RPS Landscape Group Newsletter, June 2023

Header image: Coastal Symmetry © Mark Hetherington submitted into the Landscape Groups monthly competition in May 2023



By Peter Fortune

The big news at the moment is the agreement with the Digital Imaging Group (DIG) on co-operation and Event sharing between them and the Landscape Group. This should offer the Landscape Group members more choice in terms of attending events of all sorts. Of course not all DIG events will be of interest to Landscape Group members but widening the choices available can only be a good thing. A couple of members have spoken to me indicating they would not be in favour of a full scale merger between the 2 Groups - this is a view that I share. As a pretty single-focus landscape photographer I would not want to see our focus diluted too much, and I cannot see any real benefit for members of either group in a full scale merger. However offering a wider choice of events of all sorts seems not only sensible but a very worthwhile step to take. I congratulate those committee members who worked out the arrangements between the two Groups!

On a personal note I am just back from a weeks holiday on the Norfolk Coast with my family. I had taken my camera and had hoped to get some interesting shots (and there were plenty to be seen!) Frustratingly my mobility problems prevented my taking advantage of the great surroundings. I can only hope that things will be better for my next trip at the end of June. George Cluney, at the time of his recent 60th birthday commented that he did not like growing old but he liked the alternative much less! As someone who is considerably older than George Cluney I can only say that as the alternative gets closer one likes it less!

Regular readers will know that I am a Nikon man when it comes to cameras. This came about some years ago when I saw on the television shots of celebrities arriving at some event and walking the red carpet past the TV cameras Nd members of the public on their right and the paparazzi on their left. I looked at the paparazzi’s cameras and noted that about 60% of them were Nikons. (i guess that 60% of them today would be Canons.) Anyway that number of Nikons used by the professional photographer convinced to buy my first digital camera - a Nikon. Since then I have owned a number working my way up to the then Professional D5 camera. When the new larger mount cameras came on the market I was an early adopter buying a Z7ii. I had sold the D5 simply because it was way too heavy and I have stuck with the Z72ii. I did look at the recently released Z9 but decided against purchasing because like the D5 it is way too heavy and I like to have a light kit bag.

Next month we shall be continuing the series of profiles of the new Committee Members with a profile of Chris McIntosh, Professionally Led Events Manager

Enjoy your photography.

Peter Fortune, Landscape SIG Newsletter Editor