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Colin Balfour Lone Pine Near Loch Maree And Slioch
CREDIT: Colin Balfour

Chair Chat by Colin Balfour

RPS Landscape Group Newsletter, May 2023

Welcome to the May Landscape Group newsletter.

We're now well and truly into Spring with longer days and hopefully better weather. I hope you're all managing to get out and about with your cameras. 

We have a number of excellent articles in this month’s newsletter.

Candia Peterson writes about her journey back from the Landscape Group AGM and Conference and, in particular, her trip up the East Coast of the USA in atrocious weather, featuring snow and ice. 

Howard Klein writes about the damage that plastic litter is doing to the planet, both on land and sea. 

Charana Jayasuriya writes about an online workshop “Taking Control of Colour”. 

We also feature a profile on David Travis our Circles Co-ordinator written by Peter Fortune. We will cover more Committee members in future issues. 

Our new projects are all up and running and I'm delighted with the number of registrations we have had for all three of them already. Just as a reminder, the projects are the Shipping Forecast, Postcards from Home and the Zines Project. You can sign up for all three projects on our website. 

Also, bookings for our events and workshops are going well. There is a great selection over the coming weeks so please take a look. It's always worth checking our events listings for availability even nearer the date of the event. We’re using the Billetto platform for booking and we also promote our events on our social media channels so please check these as well. 

Finally, our membership survey is now live so please spend a few minutes completing this. It's your chance to make your views known and to influence our plans for the coming year. Many thanks to those of you who have already submitted your responses. Please remember to include your email address at the end of the survey if you’d like to help us. 

I hope you enjoy reading this issue.



Header image: Lone Pine Near Loch Maree And Slioch by Colin Balfour