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The Peace Pagoda by Peter Fortune
CREDIT: Peter Fortune

Editorial by Peter Fortune

RPS Landscape Group Newsletter, May 2023

Editorial By Peter Fortune

I have had quite a few comments from members who attended the AGM and conference at the beginning of March who all said it was a good event. For myself I certainly enjoyed it. Dave Glen and his team should be congratulated on the smooth running of the event. One nice thing about the Conference is that it heralds the end of winter with warmer days and brighter light coming although since this March was the wettest March in the SE of England (where I live) since 1981, perhaps I am being a little optimistic!

At the dinner on the Saturday night of the Conference we were honoured by a visit from Simon Hill HonFRPS and President of the Royal Photographic Society and Chair of the Trustees.

There have been a number of changes to the Committee in the last couple of months, so much so that I find myself the second longest serving member. This means that starting in this edition we shall be writing a series of feature articles on each of the new members. These articles follow on from articles written about previous Committee members in editions from the Autumn of 2021 to the June 2022 edition.

Regular readers may have read the “Letter from America” occasional series of articles written by Candia Peterson who lives in Upstate New York and indeed she was an article in this edition. It occurs to me that we could have letters from other parts of the world as well. So if there are members living in other countries who would like to take make a commitment to write an occasional series of articles about things going on where they are I would welcome an e mail or a phone call (+44 7710 423896) to discuss this. It is entirely up to the author how frequently they wish to write. The Chairs of National Groups might also like to suggest a member of their group.

This Newsletter will be published on or very soon after 11th May. Of course the 6th May is an important and historic day in the UK’s cultural life - the Coronation of King Charles. This is an event steeped in tradition from the crown, orb and sceptre to the coach’s which will take him from the Palace to the Abbey and back after the ceremony. If we have a member who was a spectator on the day and was able to make a photographic record it could form a feature article in the June edition of the Newsletter. I am not sure if Photography is allowed in the Abbey itself even if you could get in since in will have been invitation only. Certainly years ago on a normal day, I was not allowed to take photos inside - but there are the journeys to and from the Abbey and the inevitable balcony appearances, capturing the mood and the festive spirit of the Royals and the spectators would be an interesting challengee. Anyone interested in this potential article please drop me an email at

I have included 1 images to illustrate this editorial. It is a picture of the Peace Pagoda built by the extensive Japanese community in Milton Keynes. 

Enjoy your photography

Peter Fortune, RPS Landscape SIG Newsletter Editor


Image © Peter Fortune