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Garden Flowers
CREDIT: Peter Fortune

Editorial by Peter Fortune

RPS Landscape Group Newsletter, October 2023


By Peter Fortune

How time flies - it seems only weeks ago that we were celebrating Christmas and New Year and here we are with the shops full of Christmas gifts and stuff yet again! 

Our Vice Chairman, Mark Reeves, brought to my attention an article he had read in the Guardian about Don McCullin. Don is perhaps most famous as a war photographer having worked in most of the hotspots around the world in the last few decades. However, he is an accomplished Landscape Photographer and an FRPS. Years ago I used to see his photographs in the media when he was chronicling conflicts and remember admiring his professional skills. Since he retired he has become a dedicated Landscape Photographer.

You can read the article about him using the following URL.

Thanks to Mark for forwarding the URL! If other Landscape News readers see interesting articles in other publications, please forward me the URL (NB to reproduce an article in print would be an infringement of copyright but reproducing a URL is not generally regarded as an infringement.

As the Autumn progresses and the light gets less intense, many photographs enjoy their photography more. It is the challenge of getting interesting and often dramatic images in more trying conditions. I also know of some photographers who enjoy being out and about in terrible weather! (If you are one such, please ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing and have suitable protective gear for your camera!).

Image: Kiting on the Downs

I am writing this the day before the RPS AGM which is held as a webinar and is free for members. I was unable to attend last year so I am looking forward to the meeting tomorrow. I will try and write a brief report on the meeting for inclusion in the next Newsletter (November).

Regular readers will know that I am a Nikon user. Earlier in my photographic journey (Pre-digital) I was a Canon user and had a Canon A1. However around the time I was thinking of going digital, I saw a programme on TV - it was some celebrity event and they showed the Celebs being briefly interviewed on the red carpet. The TV camera looked across the red carpet and on the other side was a large group of paparazzi. I saw these professionals grabbing images of the celebs and interviewers. I counted the cameras and noted that about 60% were Nikon, 30% were Canon and 10% other brands. I therefore decided to switch to Nikon, and have held several Nikons since and have always been impressed with the quality of the cameras and their images. (I would say that I believe that the %age of Nikon and Canon cameras has switched today but of course, once you have invested in a number of lenses and ancillary equipment, to switch brands becomes a much more expensive decision. However, the competition between these 2 big brands ensures that though details of how the cameras are set up and used are different, the quality of both are great and comparable!

Enjoy your photography.

Peter Fortune

All Images © Peter Fortune

Header Image: Garden Flowers