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Peter Fortune - White Water
CREDIT: Peter Fortune

Editorial by Peter Fortune

RPS Landscape Group Newsletter, February 2024


By Peter Fortune

By the time you are reading this, the festive season will have passed and (hopefully) everything is back to normal, or nearly so. While there was less activities in the Landscape Group in December because of the season things will be building up in the oncoming quarter. See future editions of the Newsletter for details. Of course the first quarter’s weather tends to be colder and wetter so Photographers getting out and about should be sure to wrap up warm and dry and don’t forget to wear a hat to prevent your head from getting cold and wet. Once we have passed the Solstice the weather should tend gradually to get warmer and perhaps a little drier although February can be very cold!

Personally I am starting to plan my photographic trips for 2024. I already have 2 booked - one in Kent and 1 in  Norwich. I hope to get 4 or 5 more booked in the next 3 months. As I have never been one of those tough photographers who relish bad weather and challenging light I look forward with enthusiasm for the milder weather and more sunny days.

Image: Rowers Passing Temple Island © Peter Fortune

I recently bought a new iPhone and in the past I have never used my phone except for quick shot to help with specific household actions. I have to say the new phone is head and shoulders better than my previous one especially in-order to take good quality pictures. While I have not compared the number of pixels per image on the new phone the flexibility that it  provides and the other features such as enhanced facial details are quite impressive.

This leads to wonder whether the day will come when DSLRs and D mirrorless cameras will be replaced by mobile phones. I suppose the determining factor will be whether the camera manufacturers can continue to develop new and improved cameras that will be able to successively compete with the continuously developing photographic features of mobile phones. If they can’t there could be fairly bleak future for DSLR and mirrorless camera manufacturers,

At the moment there seems to be enough money in the advanced professional and semi professional markets for the camera market to be holding up reasonably well. Nikon for example since it decided to focus almost exclusively on their Z series mirrorless cameras a few years ago has produced 11 new cameras - a truly remarkable achievement. However the price is that they have paid nowhere as much attention to the DLSR market which has clearly been starved of development budgets!

As we enter 2024 I wish all readers a happy and photography successful upcoming year.

Peter Fortune

RPS Landscape Group Newsletter Editor

Header Image: White Water © Peter Fortune

All Images © Peter Fortune