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Sunny Oblast, Ukraine by Chris McIntosh
CREDIT: Chris McIntosh

RPS Landscape Group, Committee Member Profile

Chris McIntosh, Pro Led Events Manager

RPS Landscape Group, Committee Profile - Chris McIntosh, Pro Led Events Manager.

When did you first become interested in photography and how?

My father was interested in photography and my grandfather was semi-professional and had an old Leica kit dating from the 1940s which he let me use while I was still quite young  - challenging but rewarding. I have maintained my interest through my professional life though photography was not a priority. Now working part-time my interest and commitment has rekindled and burgeoned.

What does photography mean to you?

It has given me an increased awareness of surroundings, not just looking but actually seeing - moving somewhat towards what Minor White says in one of his many insightful comments: “I’m always mentally photographing everything as practice”.  Photography has also helped me develop a more creative approach (a work in progress) and also promotes mindfulness, especially when out with my camera on my own.

What do you most like to shoot?

My main interests are in landscapes and photographing people. I do some street photography but am more drawn to documentary photography - I recognise that many people have greater hidden depths and potential than they may be aware of. 

How do you approach a shooting? Do you choose the location/subject in advance, or do you drive somewhere and start taking pictures?

A bit of both - sometimes I plan a shoot quite carefully but often I go out when an opportunity arises and the results can be pleasantly surprising, but not always! I concur with what Brooks Jensen  calls “PBWA” - Photography By Wandering Around, essentially promoting the photographic opportunities than can be found in so many places, not just the well known spots. 

Image: Cloitre Saint-Trophine, Arles © Chris McIntosh

Are you a member of a camera club?

I belong to Kingsbridge Camera Club, my local club in Devon. I have lately not been as active in the club as I would like.

What is your favourite camera?

My Canon 5D Mark 4 - a reliable work horse.

What are you working on now?

My current project started from a setback, having recently needed some not insignificant surgery. A week post-op I did not have the energy to walk further than our driveway so I made a decision to base my rehabilitation around graduated photo walks from home and I hope this will generate enough adequate images to produce a submission for the Landscape Group’s Zine Project.