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Committee 1

The Committee

South West Region
Adrian Hough ARPS

I got involved with photography on a reasonably serious basis when I was in my mid-teens and joined the RPS some thirty-five years later in 2010.  I shoot mainly digital images but also do a little experimentation taking monochrome images using vintage and antique 120 roll-film cameras and developing my own film.   Apart from record photography my work tends to be a cross-over between Travel and Contemporary Photography and I am a member of both RPS Special Interest Groups.   My ARPS (in Contemporary Photography) was based on the relationship between geology and human habitation in Greenland.  I also convene Contemporary Southwest and am a member of the national Contemporary Group Committee where I seem to have written the Groups definitive non-definition of Contemporary Photography (available on the RPS website).  Although I am not a landscape photographer as defined by the RPS, I am interested in landscape as defined within geography, namely as the interaction of people, places and things and the way in which this relates not just to photography but to other disciplines.  I have degrees in Chemistry and Theology, am a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Member of the Royal Geographical Society, although the word member here has two very different meanings. I also enjoy writing and have lectured to a wide range of audiences in many different subjects. 


We have a team to run the Region, details below:

South West Regional Organiser

Paul Evans

Tim Sanders LRPS

Postal folio organiser
Margaret Hocking ARPS

Exhibition Coordinator & Secretary
John Widdows FRPS

Regional Contemporary Group leader
Adrian Hough LRPS

We are always looking for volunteers who may be able to run field trips or assist with events, please email the Regional Organiser if you feel you can help in any way.