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Travelling print folios

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Travelling Print Folios


There are 3 travelling print folios in the region. One circle is for Mono images only; the others for anything you like. Each folio is circulated around up to 12 participants - currently 8 or 9 in each circle. There are 2 bags in each circle. Members receive a bag either by hand or by post. In it are images recently added, and some which are going round for the second time. Each image has a sheet of paper with it on which the author has written details of the print . A sample copy is shown below. The person receiving the folio writes their comments on the inside of the sheet. (See second illustration below.) There are 3 blank pages on which to write! They can also look at comments on images they have seen before and which are going round for the second time to see what everyone else thought of them. They then put in an image of their own  (A4 max) (and remove their oldest one). There is also a folder with full instructions, circulation list and letters from participants. The bag is then sent off to the next person on the list. 


I belong to two Circles, Mono and one general one but all the bags come back to me so I can do the housekeeping. Participants enjoy being able to look at prints and give and receive critique - which should be helpful. Obviously sometimes people don’t particularly like someone else’s image but comments should be polite and not hurtful in any way. In the years I have been running the folios I don’t think anyone has left because they didn’t like it. If you would like to join or would like further information please contact me.


Margaret Hocking ARPS