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The History

Germany Chapter

What we have done so far ..

Compared to the age of its parent society, the Royal Photographic Society, the German Chapter is still a considerable young community of multinational photographers. It had been February 2009, when a small group of amateur and professional photographers of mixed nationality, all members of the RPS, came together and decided to form a chapter in Germany.

Over the past 10 years, the Chapter has organized a total of 9 exhibitions, which have taken place in a variety of locations. The year, as well as the exhibition locations, can be found in the following timeline.




2009 Foundation of the Germany Chapter
Exhibition: "Change of Gaze - The Art of Watching"
2012 Exhibition: "Being Young - Getting Old"
Exhibition: “Script”
2014 Exhibition: "White"
2016 Exhibition: "Colour"
2017 Exhibition: "Reflection"
2019 Celebration of Chapters 10th Aniversary
Exhibition: "Transitory"
Exhibition: "Example is Everything
2020 Exhibition: "Future Now"