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Please note: RPS House is closed for our exhibition install. We will be open again from 10am on Friday 9th August 2024.

Mt. Fuji by Shing Kit Lee

Windows on the World Exhibition

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Dusting by Dr. Narendra Venkata Ramana
Narendra Venkata Ramana
El Chalten Infrared By Gigi Williams FRPS (Australia)
Gigi Williams FRPS (Australia)
Grandma and her carer by Annabelle Chin (Taiwan)
Annabelle Chin (Taiwan)
Evening Sea By Benny Wong Wai Yee (Hong Kong)
Benny Wong Wai Yee (Hong Kong)
Face Painting By Peter Hunter OAM ARPS (Australia)
Peter Hunter OAM ARPS (Australia)
Fallen Eucalpt Inverleigh Forest by Max Melvin ARPS (Australia)
Max Melvin ARPS (Australia)
Female Leopard By Cathy Withers Clarke (South Africa)
Cathy Withers Clarke (South Africa)
Filming Rainbow Caustics By John Woods (Italy)
John Woods (Italy)
Fire Crackers During Chinese Festival By Lee Yew Sim ARPS (Singapore)
Lee Yew Sim ARPS (Singapore)
Fish Hunter By Tuhin Kanti Das (india)
Tuhin Kanti Das (India)
Foggy Morning By George Redburn (Canada)
George Redburn (Canada)
Friends For Life By Shourjendra Datta (India)
Shourjendra Datta (India)
From, Earning A Living By G B Phillipson LRPS (France)
G B Phillipson LRPS (France)
Golden Beach By Raymond Zhang (China)
Raymond Zhang (China)
Grand Anse By Alexander Varvarin (Russia)
Alexander Varvarin (Russia)
Hagener Hohenhof Horizontal By Siegfried Rubbert LRPS (Germany)
Siegfried Rubbert LRPS (Germany)
Horses Of The Forest By Amy Heinen (USA)
Amy Heinen (USA)
Bat drinking nectar by Peter Hudson (USA)
Peter Hudson (USA)
Melbourne Restaurant by Brian Wimborne (Australia)
Brian Wimborne (Australia)
Pretty Picture by Shaobo He (China)
Shaobo He (China)
A bird in the hand by Michelle Richardson (Australia)
Michelle Richardson (Australia)
Imaging Skeletal Remains By Gavin Mcguire (Greece)
Gavin Mcguire (Greece)
Havana Morning by Dr, Kai Kong Wong ARPS (Hong Kong)
Kai Kong Wong ARPS (Hong Kong)
Where did you go by Phillipa Bloom (Hong Kong)
Phillipa Bloom (Hong Kong)
The Hands Of Henry Moore by Ivo Hadjimishev ARPS (Bulgaria) Life Member
Ivo Hadjimishev ARPS (Bulgaria)
Walking a Lovely Dog by Rui Ma
Rui Ma
Julie Harpum LRPS (Belgium)
Julie Harpum LRPS (Belgium)
Japan Saloon by Myo Min Kyaw (Japan) Myanmar
Myo Min Kyaw (Japan)
Weeping Willow by Patricia Goode (France)
Patricia Goode (France)
In arcadia ego by John Harrison (Australia)
John Harrison (Australia)
In The Desert Before Night Comes By Erika Kruse LRPS (Spain)
Erika Kruse LRPS (Spain)
Firedance by Ong Hock Seng ARPS (Singapore)
Ong Hock Seng ARPS (Singapore)
Inequality By Peter Smith ARPS (Australia)
Peter Smith ARPS (Australia)
Into By Sue Goldberg LRPS (The Netherlands)
Sue Goldberg LRPS (The Netherlands)
Ipanema Beach Kiosk By Louise Knaresborough (Brasil)
Louise Knaresborough (Brasil)
Island walking by Rodrigues Leslie Nimmo ARPS (Mauritius)
Rodrigues Leslie Nimmo ARPS (Mauritius)
Julie By Jacqueline Alexandre LRSP (Switzerland)
Jacqueline Alexandre LRSP (Switzerland)
Kobi In His Cardboard Cubby By Glenn Porter FRPS (Australia) ASIS
Glenn Porter FRPS (Australia)
Kremlin By Anthony Healy ARPS (Australia)
Anthony Healy ARPS (Australia)
'Lac Léman' By Jill Taylor LRPS (Switzerland)
Jill Taylor LRPS (Switzerland)
Lady In Sunset By Raymond Zhang (China)
Raymond Zhang (China)
Laugh By Su Liu (China)
Su Liu (China)

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