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Mt. Fuji by Shing Kit Lee

Windows on the World Exhibition

In 2019 we invited international members to send us one image each to go into an international members’ online exhibition. We received a great number of images and saw some interesting work. 

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Lizard on Leaf by Leka Huie (Hong Kong)
Leka Huie (Hong Kong)
Woman with Alzheimers by Ron Evans (USA)
Ron Evans (USA)
Young jackals play fighting by Nicholas Reuss ARPS (Thailand)
Nicholas Reuss ARPS (Thailand)
The back of the mushroom by Jinyng Jian (China)
Jinyng Jian (China)
Shady Toro by Andy Townend (Spain)
Andy Townend (Spain)
One more bucket please by Tan Lip Seng FRPS (Singapore)
Tan Lip Seng FRPS (Singapore)
A Leave on the Desert by Mai Lu
Mai Lu
A Portrait Of Maï By Richard Lavery LRPS (France)
Richard Lavery LRPS (France)
Agate microscape by Barnardo Cesare FRPS (Italy)
Barnardo Cesare FRPS (Italy)
Alms Round 2 By HTET AUNG QPSA AFIAP Myanmar
Htet Aung (Myanmar)
Amou By Maya Sumra, USA
Maya Sumra (USA)
Anatomy Lesson By Derek Galon FRPS (Dominica)
Derek Galon FRPS (Dominica)
Arch At Sundown By Ines Labunski Roberts FRPS (USA)
Ines Labunski Roberts FRPS (USA)
Lynn Clayton (New Zealand)
As The Light Faded By Irfan K BELGIUM
Irfan K (Belgium)
At A Tajik Wedding By John Eaton ARPS UNITED STATES
John Eaton ARPS (USA)
Baby 1 by Saurabh Bhattacharyya
Saurabh Bhattacharyya
Bad Thoughts By Francesca D'angelo RPS (Italy)
Francesca D'angelo RPS (Italy)
Watch out  by Wong Yuetyee (Bangladesh)
Wong Yuetyee (Bangladesh)
Betaslata by Dipankar Dasgupta
Dipankar Dasgupta
Beth Haim By André Bergmans (The Netherlands)
André Bergmans (The Netherlands)
Black Swan By Gareth Goldthorpe LRPS (France)
Gareth Goldthorpe LRPS (France)
Black Swan By Sue Riach ARPS (New Zealand)
Sue Riach ARPS (New Zealand)
Black Shoulder Kite By Neil Anderton ARPS (Australia)
Neil Anderton ARPS (Australia)
Brexit Tremors By Rob Kershaw ARPS (Switzerland)
Rob Kershaw ARPS (Switzerland)
Broken Dancer On The Stairs By James Mccracken LRPS ITALY
James Mccracken LRPS (Italy)
Butterfly by Ramya Wickramasingha (Sri Lanka)
Ramya Wickramasingha (Sri Lanka)
Brother Geerard Waiting In The Abbey By Armando Jongejan FRPS (The Netherlands)
Armando Jongejan FRPS (The Netherlands)
Cactus and Clouds by Robert Malarz (USA)
Robert Malarz (USA)
Canterbury Graduates By Carol Olerud ARPS (The Netherlands)
Carol Olerud ARPS (The Netherlands)
Chateau De Flaugergues By Sandra Mason (France)
Sandra Mason (France)
Cigar Rolling Hands By Kim Bybjerg LRPS (The Netherlands)
Kim Bybjerg LRPS (The Netherlands)
Walter Baker Chocolate Mills on the Neponset River Dorchester Mass by Edie Clifford (USA)
Edie Clifford (USA)
Cosplay Girl, Harajuku. Japan By Tony Hilton ARPS (Australia)
Tony Hilton ARPS (Australia)
Country Track By Christopher Si LRPS (Australia)
Christopher Si LRPS (Australia)
Cuba Car By Edward Wong AFIAP (Hong Kong)
Edward Wong AFIAP (Hong Kong)
Curtain Hole 3 By Dilip De Sarker, (India)
Dilip De Sarker (India)
Sisters by Charlotte Hartwell (Germany)
Charlotte Hartwell (Germany)
The Tree by Pin Zhang (China)
Pin Zhang (China)
Jujuy Shepherd by Jaime Shayo (Argentina)
Jaime Shayo (Argentina)
Hippo for dinner by Judith Talley (USA)
Judith Talley (USA)
Go to school by Yanwen Guo (China)
Yanwen Guo (China)
Wheres that Spiny by Roger Dunn (Australia)
Roger Dunn (Australia)

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