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Mt. Fuji by Shing Kit Lee

Windows on the World Exhibition

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Running With The Wind By Lajos Nagy (Romania)
Lajos Nagy (Romania)
Savanna In The Sky By Sylvie Domergue (Madagascar)
Sylvie Domergue (Madagascar)
Hong Kong by Shing Kit Lee (Hong Kong)
Shing Kit Lee (Hong Kong)
Sky Lobby Waiting By Peter KC Ho ARPS (Canada)
Peter KC Ho ARPS (Canada)
SOLITUDE by Alan Elliott OAM ARPS (Australia)
Alan Elliott OAM ARPS (Australia)
Steel Worker, Mumbai By Chris Page LRPS (India)
Chris Page LRPS (India)
Steer Wrestling By Trevor Page (Canada)
Trevor Page (Canada)
Stilt Fishermen by Ranjani Perer (Sri Lanka)
Ranjani Perer (Sri Lanka)
Strabonis Georgrphi By Laura Migliorino (USA)
Laura Migliorino (USA)
The Agony And The Ecstasy By Liz Hardley FPSNZ Efiapb LRPS (New Zealand)
Liz Hardley LRPS (New Zealand)
The Beehive By Lisa Powers ARPS (New Zealand)
Lisa Powers ARPS (New Zealand)
The Engraver By Ken Butler LRPS (Australia)
Ken Butler LRPS (Australia)
The Human Touch By Mike Mills ARPS (Norway)
Mike Mills ARPS (Norway)
The New Detective By Palli Gajree Hon. FRPS (Australia)
Palli Gajree Hon. FRPS (Australia)
The Mount By Glen Sweeney (Austria)
Glen Sweeney (Austria)
The Lifecycle Of Water By Helen Mcleod ARPS (New Zealand)
Helen Mcleod ARPS (New Zealand)
The Struggle By Eric J. Smith ARPS (USA)
Eric J. Smith ARPS (USA)
Thirty Six Views Of Mt Fuji By Rob Morgan ARPS (Australia)
Rob Morgan ARPS (Australia)
This Man Is On Fire By Anton Panchenkov (Russia)
Anton Panchenkov (Russia)
Thunder On The Way by Bryan Timmons (Australia)
Bryan Timmons (Australia)
Overlooking Tokyo by Chua Khong Huat ARPS (Singapore)
Chua Khong Huat ARPS (Singapore)
Top Lake Merimbula by Ted Richards ARPS (Australia)
Ted Richards ARPS (Australia)
Transit By Francis Minien ARPS (USA)
Francis Minien ARPS (USA)
U Bein Bridge, Myanmar By Max Robinson FRPS (Switzerland)
Max Robinson FRPS (Switzerland)
Wake Me Up By Derek Galon FRPS (Dominica)
Derek Galon FRPS (Dominica)
Wanaka Tree By Simon Elsy LRPS (Australia)
Simon Elsy LRPS (Australia)
Wari Festival By Shreenivas Yenni (India)
Shreenivas Yenni (India)
Waterfall Silhouette By Wynston Cooper ARPS (New Zealand)
Wynston Cooper ARPS (New Zealand)
What The Sea Did By Kay Elvina Sutton (Greece)
Kay Elvina Sutton (Greece)
Watcom Creek by Donald Simpson ARPS (USA)
Donald Simpson ARPS (USA)
White cliffs of Ault by Phil Dunbar (France)
Phil Dunbar (France)
Who's Cutest By Jocelyn Edwards LRPS (Australia)
Jocelyn Edwards LRPS (Australia)
Heavenly skies over Sarasota Florida by Jeffrey Lynch ARPS (USA)
Jeffrey Lynch ARPS (USA)

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