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Project Launch Poster
CREDIT: Sue Wright

RPS Landscape Group Launches two new Project in 2022

RPS Landscape group launches two new Project in 2022 run by Landscape Group members for Landscape Group members


The ‘Close to Home’ Project

To take part in this project you will need to create a set of six images taken in 2022 covering a period of several months up to a full year. 

Project leader, Mike Lloyd ARPS suggests making multiple visits to an area close to your home enabling you to photograph the variations during 2022 in an environmentally friendly way.  You may even be able to walk there!  This could mean photographing the same scene through the seasons or taking abstract images that reflect your interpretations of your local area through the year.

Example: Delamere Forest, showing a year in the life of one pair of trees by Mike Lloyd ARPS

Find out more about this project and how to enter here

Blue Line

Landscape Group Members’ Exhibition Project

The RPS Landscape Group is looking to hold an outdoor exhibition of members’ work during 2022.  Howard Klein is leading this project; and Colin Balfour has kindly offered to help launch the initial location.

We envisage that the exhibition will comprise around 60 prints on 20+ panels; totalling a run of almost 25 metres of landscape images!  We are planning for 4 city locations, possibly more, with up to 4 weeks in each location.  Maintaining a good regional spread is key, but the final choice of an individual city may depend on where we can get a suitable site for the exhibition (at zero/nominal cost).  It is likely that we will start in Edinburgh in late Spring and end in London during Autumn

Find out more about this project and how to enter here



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