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AI generated code
CREDIT: Lois Wakeman LRPS

The DI AI Experiment

RPS Digital Imaging
AI generated image of robot with camera 

Accepting that some cameras - and definitely image editing programs - already use AI, which is perfectly acceptable in competitions and RPS Distinction panels, DI invited members to submit 100% generated AI images to the DI AI Experiment.

Their challenge was to make an image that is produced using AI generative software.

Participants were asked for information about the software used and a brief written statement, of no more than 50 words, about how they instructed the program to produce the finished image (example - verbal or text input. Used your own images or none etc. How easy, or otherwise, you found it).

Below is a gallery of the submitted images.

If you missed our AI Blend Mode: Hard Mix talk on July 27th or you want to watch again, this link takes you to the recording. One of the fun things we did was to run some polls (PDF) to find out what the audience felt about the acceptability of certain AI based software. It is interesting to see the wide variety of opinions - opinions that should be respected as we try to find a way to live with AI whilst keeping traditional photography alive. The timings shown under the titles approximately match when the polls were conducted. 

Enjoy the fun – remember this is how the first users of digital felt in the late 1990s and how many members said then that it wouldn’t survive?!