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Dew Drops On The Grass By Paul Johnson LRPS
CREDIT: Paul Johnson LRPS

Peer Support Groups

Digital Imaging


oak leaves and acorns

These peer-to-peer groups of 6-10 photographers meet monthly on Zoom to share and discuss their work. Everyone contributes, and everyone’s opinion is valued.

We have seven e-Circles at present:

  • three Critique e-Circles where members critique each other's images.
  • three post-processing e-Circles where members learn by comparing how they have all processed the same image.  Find out more here.
  • one Projects e-Circle where members discuss projects (these could be bodies of work on a topic, or developing a skill, anything that the photographer concentrates on for a period of time).

To join an e-Circle, email for details of current opportunities. Various times of day available.

Print Circles

Ceiling, Port of Liverpool Authority (mono)

Folios of physical prints are circulated by post for comment amongst the Print Circle members. The optimal number of members in the Print Circle is 8-12.

Each round for a folio takes about 4-5 months, so overlapping rounds operate about every quarter, making about four rounds per year.

Read more details here, or if you are interested in joining, contact Andrew Brochwicz-Lewinski at