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RPS Digital Imaging

Our Showcase Opportunities

Digital Imaging offers you three opportunities to showcase your work in addition to its publications. They are free and open to all Digital Imaging and Digital Imaging Online members.

Annual Digital Imaging Competition

A themed competition designed to encourage your creativity with new work, six rounds at 2-monthly intervals with voting by members to find finalists for the sixth round which will be assessed to find the winners. This replaces both the former annual competition and the monthly competition.

Print Portfolio

An opportunity to have your work selected to represent the group's wide range of styles and genres - printed magazines for all entrants and high-quality portfolios for the 30 entrants whose images are selected.

The DI AI Experiment

A recent fun exercise to test your skills in using the generative AI tools - submissions now available to view.

Click on the links below to find out more. You can also see past entries in the Print Exhibition and an archive of the monthly competition.