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Some of you don't realise that you should create account on Billetto, when you register for DI events, if you don't it means you cannot easily access the information to attend the Talk/Workshop you have purchased.

Please read this which gives the advantages of setting up an account:

If you still feel unwilling to create a Billetto account, to receive the links, you will need to contact the DI Volunteer Coordinator, who will provide you with a shared link to access and copy the information to join workshops.

















































Just to help you navigate this Ticketing Platform when you follow the link,

Go to GET TICKETS, for your chosen event, register and pay and you will directly receive a confirmation email similar to this.

All the information you need for all the events is revealed by pressing the Blue Button, 'GO TO THE ONLINE EVENT PAGE'






You will then see something similar to this Screenshot below, showing any Zoom invites  connected with the workshop or talk and the link for the associated Google Drive *,  Any YouTube links, any recordings, and resources will be placed in this Google Drive.

*Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service that enables users to store and access files online, and share images with each other and the Tutors.

Google Drive has a sharing mode where everyone who has the link can access (or even edit) the shared file, without requiring a Google account at all.

You will receive further emails from Billetto, nearer to the  event, to remind you of the date and time and the necessary links are shown again.

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DI Workshops on Billetto
Screenshot 2023 10 02 At 13.04.46
DI Workshops

DI Workshops are now bookable on the Ticketing Platform Billetto.

Click the Button to see the new range now available.

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