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Face The Flower
CREDIT: Kevin Maskell FRPS


RPS Digital Imaging

As part of our educational remit, we run various projects to engage with our members and help them develop their work and confidence. Some are online and others face-to-face, giving members the chance to meet like-minded photographers.

As each project is announced, you have the chance to sign up for it, and once it is in progress, participants will be kept up-to-date with events and resources. So keep an eye out for email broadcasts if you don't want to miss out!


Talk-Walk-Talk - a collaboration with the RPS Landscape Group. Each round involves a series of group walks on a theme, with wrap-around talks to inspire the participants. The rounds so far are 'Coastal' and 'Architecture and the built environment', with more planned, starting with 'Woodlands' in Autumn 2024.

books on a shelf

Books and Zines - inspiring you to do more with your photos that just leave them on a disc or SD card somewhere! Learn practical techniques for assembling and sequencing groups of images, and about the software to make books and zines.

spring flowers

From Seed to Bloom - plants, flowers and garden photography. Learn new processing techniques, and be inspired on ways to present your work, with talks, walks, workshops and support. Plant a seed and see it flourish!

There are also some historic projects to explore on the website:

  • We invited members to submit photo essays on various subjects, which you can find in Member Stories and Lockdown Stories.
  • We ran a challenge to generate AI work, for fun and to see what was possible at the time.