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'Tate Colours' By Lynda Morris LRPS (United Kingdom)
CREDIT: Lynda Morris LRPS

Digital Imaging Online

As Digital Imaging, but you receive publications online


Digital Imaging is the largest special interest group in the RPS. We are not genre specific and aim to support and promote all photographers using digital imaging. We provide stimulating and inspiring opportunities for all photographers to learn, whether that be processing techniques, the use of software or the art of photography. 

    Entry is now open for the 2022 Print Exhibition    

Field Undulations
CREDIT: Paul Gallagher

Working in Another Light with Paul Gallagher

5th February 2022, Online. 

Paul Gallagher, one of the most accomplished landscape photographers in the world today, has been through a journey of rediscovery with infrared photography and learned that the conditions we are often told are ideal for infrared landscape photography, are the opposite to what we actually need. This talk takes you through the photographs made on this journey and demonstrates how beautiful infrared photographs can be for the expressive black and white photographer.’

Working in Another Light with Paul Gallagher
Leaf Curves
CREDIT: Val Walker

Monthly Competition Winner

The winner for December is Leaf Curves by Val Walker. Val was staying at a Biological Station in Costa Rica just before pandemic travel restrictions came into force. She came across this plant and was fascinated by the shapes and textures of its leaves. She experimented with blending modes and changing colours and applied a 'wave' distort filter, varying amplitude and wavelength until she was satisfied with the composition.

Second was Ball of Fire by William Wilson LRPS and third was Ballet by Paul Bather ARPS.

You too have the chance to see your photo on this page. Every DI member is invited to submit an entry each month to the monthly competition. Voting is open to all. Email your entries to our deputy web editor Kenneth Ness at any time during each month. Voting will take place during the first ten days of the succeeding month. Entries should be no more than 1000 pixels wide.

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Benefits of DI Group

  1. DIGIT quarterly magazine
  2. DI News monthly online news
  3. Six UK DI centres
  4. Annual free to enter Print Exhibition
  5. Annual free to enter Projected Image Competition
  6. National events and workshops
  7. Active private group on Facebook
  8. Accolade A biannual magazine charting members' journeys to Distinctions
Deserted Town Centre in Shepshed

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